Spillway deepens due to fast erosion

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Gilgit, May 30: Depth of Hunza Lake’s spillway has increased to around 14 feet due to fast erosion, according to information obtained from reliable sources. Erosion at toe of the spillway is relatively higher.

The volume of water passing through the spillway has reportedly increased to around 50 Cusecs.

Let’s remind the readers that around 350 Cusecs of water is already discharging from the lake through five active seepages. Hence the collective rate of water discharge is around 400 Cusecs.

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  1. Can you indicate for us where on the landslide that the 14 feet erosion is, and also how much the erosion is at the saddle (the high point of the lake at the spillway)? May I infer that this erosion is like a knife cutting through butter: Or is the channel also widening? Is the channel floor bouldery, or are boulders not accumulating there? Maybe you can ask your geologist and engineer contacts.

    Thank you for your excellent reporting on this event. Many among the American media could learn much from you. I appreciate your fact-based reporting, no sensationalizing, no scare-mongering on this event. Of course the event is scary enough as it is.

    Best wishes. I still have some hope about this. But it is frightening.

  2. Kindly up date the status of over flow through the spillway.
    Any latest pictures, videos?


  3. This is certainly a good news but we all must pray that water discharge and its expected erosion do maintain a slow process and its barrier channels do not fell open asunder.

  4. There is no nay fast erosion ,the process is very slow ,it not possible that the erosion is 14 feet, it may be one feet. it will take some more days to flow quickly and start erosion.

  5. What all must realise that with delay in release of water through spillway = volume of inflow, the water volume in the lake is increasing per some conservative estimate the water volume now is more than 450 million cubic meters or even more.he present release of water through flow + seepage is about 15-20% of inflow.

    I want to ask a question to all experts including NESPAK: why was this performance of flow not predicted earlier. What all were told that people will have 30 mins –60 mins after overtopping to run to safe levels. Let us have a debate on this on this blog or on Daves blog. Are their lessons to be learned. I feel NESPAK needs to return the fees.

  6. The curiousity of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan about the possibly impending disaster of the Attabbad lake is growing day by day. The psychological pressure is building, the reign of fear lingers on. To render the situation even worse, the development on the disaster site is frustratingly sluggish. Lets pray to God to spare us from the loomig threat.

  7. would you please update us on the experts’ speculation if there is a chance of lake-burst specially due to vertical erosion of the spillway? This doubt seems to be strengthened by the fact that there is little presence of large boulders in the debris atleast upto to a considerable depth. further more, I can not understan how the water level in the lake is still rising, as the reports say, even after it has started overlowing from the spillway. Could some body help me discern it?

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