CM fails to win trust of the people of Gulmit – Gojal

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Gulmit, May 31: Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan visited Tehsil Headquarter of Gojal today along with speaker GBLA, Wazir Shakil, Engineer Ismail and Muhammad Ali Akhtar, cabinet ministers.

The CM in his speech announced 30 lac rupees for construction of Operation Theater at the Tehsil Headquarter hospital, Gulmit. Let’s remind the readers that such announcements have been made umpteen times by two governors, the chief secretary, chief minister, speaker and all other high officials of Gilgit – Baltistan, as well as federal ministers.

The chief minister also said that all students of Gojal will get free education across Pakistan. He further announced money for the volunteers and boy scouts who are providing services in the village.

Despite of these announcements the enraged public gave a very tough time to the chief minister, demanding judicial inquiry against those responsible for ‘deliberate delay in excavation of the spillway’.

CM apologized from the people of Gojal for ‘weaknesses’ of his government. “We have tried our level best to resolve issues of the stranded people but if there were gaps then I apologize from the people of Gojal Valley”, he reportedly said.

Speaking earlier on behalf of the people of Gojal Abdul Waheed, a social activist, blasted the government for tormenting the youth of Gojal by registering cases against them and labeling them as “anti – state elements”. CM in his speech said that he is not aware of such cases and if such cases have been registered he would use his power to finish them.

Abdul Waheed also said that causes of the delay in excavation work need to be thoroughly investigated by a specially commissioned judicial bench.

Let’s inform our readers that Mehdi Shah has reportedly said that he is ready to face any judicial inquiry.

“The political actors can fulfill their desire of judicial investigation”, a local newspaper reported the CM yesterday.

Women who have lost their houses and land in the lake also used harsh words for the CM, questioning the role of GB government during the disaster.

It is pertinent to note that while speaker GBLA, Wazir Baig, was present during the public gathering he could not address the people despite of being an elected representative. Also present during the session was technocrat member of GBLA, Mutabiat Shah but he also did not address the public.

Hajat Muhammad, a PPP regional leader, could not complete his speech because of hooting from the public.

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  1. Don’t allow these people in our paradise………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    where were these people during last five months…
    i appreciate the people for giving tough time for these corrupt people..
    Every thing has finished in Gojal so y they visited there….

  2. It is the starting man….Age Age dekye hota hai kia….. Our peoples has the ability that once they get result they do not forget it for life time.

  3. why these culprits are visiting to our area and disturbing the community .our community has lost all his land houses and community centers .they can not win the hearts of the community because we hate them specially the representatives of PPP .people of Gojal should not allow them to visit our area we hare them .CM was not giving importance to this disaster and was enjoying his visit in punjab and sindh, when he was appointed ,we remember the words of Qamar Zaman Kaira and Wazir baig which they told during an interview with PT journalist Zulfiqar Ali Khan. shame on all of them . why Hajat and other are addressing gatherings there they blame that our youth are anti-State elements.

  4. All gojalis and PT reader! now we all(elders,youth and school students) should hold the string of UNITY, FAITH, HONESTY, INTEGRITY,and GENEROSITY for re-building of our paradise by working together eloquently. We were in a majore assay just because of our weaknesses in our soul and faith. Please give hand to hand and work together under the guidance of our beloved Imam.

  5. Undoubtedly, public sentiments are not in favor of public representatives of Gilgit-Baltistan due to their wait and see strategy. Delaying tactics and late decisions regarding construction of spill way caused this huge loss to our mother land. Off course, it is very hard decision to demolish homes, shops, community centers and other public places due to the fear of sinking. I would request you to please pay attention to the below mentioned action points;

    1. The concentration of national and international media is completely toward our area these days. Please never project anything to the outside world that could not match with our customs, social values, culture and tradition. If possible, only specific public representatives may interact with media for projection of losses and public sentiments otherwise there would not be one voice.
    2. It is time to remain united, be patient, act with discipline, and serve our fellow human being with a spirit of brotherhood and oneness. Let’s pay attention to the sufferings of the people of Shishkat and Gulmit. Using abusive language and shooting bad slogans at this stage may spoil our soft image in front of others. Let’s act like a disciplined community and avoid all that do not match with our rich cultural heritage.
    3. The spirit of volunteerism seen in Gojal is matchless. I salute you all. Congratulations to our volunteers, scouts, girls guides, social workers, students and others for devoting your time, knowledge and skills for the directly affected brothers and sisters. We are proud of you. Please keep this passion alive and let’s become an example for others.

    At the end, I would pray for the quick relief, recovery and rehabilitation our lost paradise. It is fact that together we can make a difference. Our motto should be each for all and all for each. May God bless you all.

  6. I wish our people come forward and we file a case in the supreme court of Pakistan against the criminal neglegane of the Chief Minister Mr Mehdi Shah. and for the deliberate neglegane on part of the FWO, that resulted in this situation.

  7. A the last hour of election, Gojal people has sold their precious vote to PPP Govt. against the incentive of Benazir Support Programme money reimbersement on monthly basis as well as for tecnocrate seat ,now Gojal’s have their “highly qualified” representative but worthless, do,t need to cry for worse management by PPP as it,s their choice. I believe, now people of Gojal has realized their wrong commit and will take care in future.

    1. I am sure he will remember the treatment on his recent visit of Gulmit for the rest of his life. The educated youth of Gulmit will never forget the pain and deliberate destruction caused by the PPP government and it will be tough task for any political party to seek their confidence in future.

      We were indebted to the support and help of Pakistan Peoples Party during the struggle for liberation from the oppressive autocratic Mirs’ rule during the 1960s and 70s and the personal interest of its leader Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and the continued support by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto throughout her life. The people of Gojal have fulfilled their duty in loyalty but as the Pakistan Peoples Party was perhaps buried along with her body and the present party is(prison partners party) of Mr. Zardari.

      It is not fair to say that we perhaps sold our votes for Benazir Income Support Programe (forms for funds), there could be some opportunists voters who may have voted for them due to this reason but the majority were the genuine supporters (including myself) due to reason mentioned above.

      I can see opportunists occupying the positions for their personal gains and can expect no good from them as their reputation says it all.

      Politics in Pakistan (Hunza is not an exception) is all the same as the there is no sign of effective civil society to produce socially responsible members. It is really a dirty game played by dirty people all around. But struggle should be our motive, may be one day the people will succeed. Hope for the best..

      Umeed Zindabad.

  8. ?? all d students of gojal?ll get fee re- education? can this be further elaborated? by reading d context above,d CM seems to be in frustration while throwing off his blessings.Almost 2 months before our region was declared calamity hit, nd students advised to register their data to d ministry.We did it by April 11th,since then nothing seems to be moving in the students favor

  9. The combine efforts of all the leaders of PPP can’t even match the sole effort being put by Marvi Memon….. Bravo !!!! to Marvi Memon, and shame to our local and regional leaders.
    Be loyal to your people and to your area, our senseless leaders, its because to them you are there, otherwise you don’t even deserve to be there.

  10. The youth of gojal need their own identity………. must be closed all parties and especialy ppp…..

  11. Leave these fraud politicians our Leader made it possible Pakistan came into being so we have the spirit and courage we can rebuild these three villages why do we welcome these selfish people who left us alone when elected. I am very thankfull to all the donners who are donating to the GOJAL EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND please see your name who have donnated if you are missed than intimate me. LETS JOIN HANDS TO REBUILD OUR PARADISE MORE BEAUTIFULLY AND EMPOWER ECONOMICALLY


  12. PPP?????? Wat the hell they have done with our Paradise everyone knows it Better….!!! Now Then Y these Politicans are visting our area…Hey CM come one its the End of PPP in Gojal Forever and don,t again dare to visit Gojal Again every one knows u well and U r the A Piece Of……………..!!! Hey Hajat shame on U man,,,really Shame on U,,,,U really dun Love Ur Mother Land Gojal wat the hell u think that the Educated People of Gulmit and Gojal will Lisen U,,come on Man its the End of Ur Polotics and Now U Lost Ur repect in front Of Every One from Gulmit n Gojal…!!! I Really Appreciate Our YOUTH that they just got the right way to treat these Dogs…Well Done Youth Of Gulmit Gojal M Proud of U….!!! I also Apprecaite Mr Waheed for his Marvelous Speech and Once Again ThnXXxx all our Youth to b United…!!! May MoLa bless Our home Land and we all have to work hard n rebuild it again….!!

    Thnxxxx for the team of PT and i really Appricate U guys for Ur Efforts…!!! God Bless U All…..

  13. Forget …CM … never ever try to get the civilized nation to hv lole pOp…
    The people of Gojal did not voted PPP because of U or Wazir Beeg, Gojalies voted for Bhutto and BB Shaheed.. But u freeloaderz hv hd a spot on thr PPP..
    So now we have come to know that what we have to do and what….not.

    ISA, we will be only Gojali n vl hv our own leader ahead…but a dedicated leader..
    best of luck Gojalies n may Moula help us for a new journey towards a new history…

  14. Har tanz kia jaia, har ek tana dia jaia,
    Kuch bhi ho par ab had-e-adab ma na raha jaia,
    tareekh ny qomon ko dia ha yahi paigham,
    Haq mangna toheen ha, haq cheen lia jaia.

    —–John Aelia—-

  15. proud of you Waheed bhai….

    our paradise is drowned by these dirty politicians. and why the hell they are visiting now.
    we dnt need these Mehdi shah and ghazanfar type of peoples now , and the ones who are still following them are cheating with the people of Gojal. shame on them.

  16. What I percieved from the comments of Gojal Youth, that they have an individualized / regionalized thinking and they are keeping flourishing it, which is like a cancer for them and for the whole region.

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