Express TV Documentary – Hunza Kahani

Shared by Waqar Malik Senior Associate (Producer – Express TV)

Part – I


Part – II


Part – III


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    1. mind blowing, superb, awesome. i have seen many documentaries but this one was tottaly different and unique, the way he defined the geography of disaster area and the way he defined the magnitude of risk from this land slide was simple awesome. Mr waqar we are proud of your creativity and hardwork.
      may god bless u.

      1. Indeed an awsome and barave effort Waqar,You did justice with Hunza by showing realty.thanks God there are people who are talking about Development instead of terrorism. You changed our minds from horror to happiness. we and our kids really need this
        Thumbs up.

    2. Is there an english version of this documentary? Or at least a copy with english subtitles? I’m researching dam breach analysis along the Hunza River and this film may be useful.

  1. Waqar sab, it was a nice effort on your part.
    The following points could have included in the report:

    1. Negligence on the part of media need to be portrait
    2. Records of the protest took place all over the country in the initial days of the incident but no one including media took the mater serious, could have been discussed in the report.
    3. The critical role of FWO needed to be analyzed in detail
    • Initiation of work on the blockage (after one month of the incident)
    • Working hours of the FWO/speed of work
    • What was their target (height of the spill way)
    • Is the target achieved till date?
    • Time farm given to complete the target but failed (changed number of times)
    4. Role of local govt (their public statements could have added in the report)
    5. Role of federal govt (their public statements could have added in the report)
    6. Role of the so called human right activists not discussed
    7. Facts and figures about the actual damage that has been done due to the blockage up steam and the expected damage in the down stream could have been added in the report.

  2. Appreciate your kind effort, indeed its a great contribution from your side for the People of Hunza, and I agree with Aijaz bhai, and like his deep observation.
    Waqar sab, Kindly keep up the good work.

  3. Dear Waqar,

    We really appreciate your detail report work on the Hunza lake issue and I am sure thousands of people around the world will read and see how our local and federal Govt. has failed to prevent lives, properties and future growing economy of this particular region which is very important for Pakistan itself regarding tourism and trade with China. People of the region are educated, peaceful and innocent, they don’t like to strike with destruction of public properties as we see in other part of our country while strike goes on. It was the Govt to decide and act fast, our volunteer’s and scouts could not do it other wise in our region volunteerism and scout works is the best and we have proven it in past so many times. Unfortunately, this time we are helpless because of a damn political and worst governance system of the country called Pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rahim Shimshali
    Aktau Kazakhstan

    1. Rahim if you are from Shimshal than you must know my lovely friend Sher Ali who is working in Geo News.. Recently i left Geo and join Express news. Thanks for appriciation…. i always say thay Hunza is the case study for Pakistan. Pakistan can only make progress in this way.

      1. Dear Waqar,

        Sher Ali is my uncle in relation, i talked to him few days back when he was going to shimshal for vacation and to see the family over there. Thank you once again for your efforts and concern about our area.

  4. Dear, producer
    It seems to be good and also our pleasure that you had gone through the background of hunza landslide. A very tough effert of you, you had caputered wonderfull clips. thank,s for your favour.

    1. Thanks the clips are recorded in 2005 infact and i used it now….unfortunately majority of pakistani do nt know Hunza…..They really dont know about there 100% literacy rate etc……so i tried it ….. it was my duty because i always consider Hunza as my second home….Love u all

  5. Consize but comprehensive report. The people from the local government must be exposed further, who are responsible. They should not only be forced out of office, also they should be punished for the criminal negligence.
    It is pleasure to know that the litracy is more than 90%, but I don’t beleive because of the last election result, they have voted to the party which is heavily involved in the corruption. This shows that either they are illetrate or ignorant.
    Sorry for ofending people but this is reality.

    1. Yes you are right…Sameer i have many friends in hunza for last 10 years…. i remember that when these friends were upset because they dont have the voting right…and i alway said at that time “k yar kion pakistan ki gandi rawaitee siaasat say hunza ko kharab kartay ho” and i think that i was right…..
      Literacy rate does nt mean that all people are well educated but i think they are very sensable as compare to other pakistan….

  6. Waqar Sahib, It is easy to comment than act on it. Though you have asked for the PT reader’s views and comments on your documentary. You did a good job and we really appreciate your efforts. You have captured most of the areas but there is lake of findings and some of your analysis about the weak governance and the impracticable leadership of the new CM and his Co in our area is somehow missing.
    Good Job though!!!

    1. Yes you are rights these all are very important points, But actually this documentary was made in just 3 days, Because when i saw PM in Hunza and spcially what he did there i decided to make this documentary. so sorry if some important points are missing. I am coming hunza in 3rd week of june so than i can include all your valued points in next project..thanks

    1. Sher Sahib,
      Thanks for appriciating…..Hunza dezerve all praises…waqar

  7. well this is very good work… nyc documentry,,,
    but u know documentry after disaster banthey hai bohot saree, agar media waley thora
    jaldey ahjathy tho shayed bohot saree loog apney ghar nahe girathy, par kya karee shoaib or sania ki shadi ahgya bech ma, phir T20 world cup, phir jha k attaabad…….!

    1. Salam sb your compaints are very geniun…..priorities of media are not mandatory … me from expressc and sher ali shimshali from Geo and Nisar Gojali did our best from the day first 4th june 2010. We asked every body in media…..but……..
      anyway as well as this documentary is concern ,……Yes you are rights these all are very important points, But actually this documentary was made in just 3 days, Because when i saw PM in Hunza and spcially what he did there i decided to make this documentary. so sorry if some important points are missing. I am coming hunza in 3rd week so than i can include all your valued points in next project..thanks

  8. Waqar! You have tried your best to bring forward the real situation of Hunza!

  9. Dear Waqar Indeed very good efforts , I fully agree with Ajaz’s points and I have one suggestion related to your footage; in 1st part the footage of dancing does not communicate Hunza culture, better remove it fully or include the actual Hunza tune and dance.

    1. yes u are very right….i went khunjrab in 2005…i recorded these on the way to khunjrab and on top of khunjrab….music is not i think very different from hunza tune …but yes labor dance, is different…… is not formal…..

  10. Checked the first part of the documentray and its not all Hunza that you are showing there. Shandoor and Deosai are not part of Hunza and the music is even is not from Hunza. One more thing, I wonder why they call Upper and Lower Hunza instead of Gojal and Shinaki.

  11. Too good but too late …………………. ??? Why do our media always wait for a breaking news….????

    1. Nawaz actually i did my best from the day first and all other people like sher ali and nisar gojali did there best…………..but you are somehow right,,,,but anyway at least now media is playing good roll….for last 5 or 6 weeks

  12. well done Waqar for your kind efforts but still has to be done with the points mentioned by Ejaz…

  13. Dear Waqar.. It is an incredible effort from you. I must say that this is the best reporting so far. You portrait the real scenarios. I think you have done more than your responsibility. To make your report meaningful, i request all people to share it and time and again it should be shown on tv so that many people could watch and realize what has really happened and what is going to happened and who are the responsible..
    Thank you.

  14. Dear Waqar Malik,
    It is marvelous effort by your side, Good to watch it.It is very nice documentary but if the events would relate to each other, it would be much better.
    Example We have our folk dance in special events like Marriages and other events, And we have events in a cycle through out the year.
    The Attabad sliding and aftermath is good one to watch.
    Any way thanks waqar sahib for providing such a video.

  15. I would re-comment on ABC;s comments about his confusions/misunderstanding on lower hunza and upper hunza. It is fact, Hunza is our state from the beginning, don’t break it. Although every village has its own name and identity but the whole area is called the state of Hunza. So don’t be confused in future and study about the history of Hunza.

    1. Dear Sir …i reply mr ABC… Read it…
      Dear ABC……where is shandoor and deosai in this documentary….very sad….if you are talking about the plains and moving clouds…that is khunjrab….as well as the musicions are concern they are gojali living in Gulmit….ask farman and ali aman and nisar from gulmit who were with me during this shoot……partition of hunza has a history of 900 years….first hunza and than 2nd identity….
      I am very sorry if u mind anything…..criticism is always welcome as u can see in this page,,,,,,but what u did its not criticism ……please know hunza first

  16. mind blowing, superb, awesome.
    This is a nice work hunzai keep it up and we should hard working to take over rights ect…
    Because the leaders of over gilgit is ever one is idiot and shame full man….
    Give the pairs of ALLAH. Help to peoples of hunzai in this hard time.
    Rahe baate leaders ki wo to daya hate ka kale ha hunzai ka le ya……..

  17. Dear Waqar ,
    can you upload the english version of this documentary as I watched the english version (Hunza: pradise in danger), some friends of my need this to understand the current situation.
    thanks for your efforts and this was one of the best program which gives some background about people of Hunza and their expectations in current scenario.
    Oslo, Norway

  18. Mr. Waqar your documentry is comprehensive consist of facts.
    Thank you very much for your wonderful work.


  19. I would like to thank Mr. Waqar A. Malik on behalf of all the residents of Hunza for coming forward and sharing the beauty, the simplicity, and the reality of the valley to the people of Pakistan who know very little or almost nothing about this beautiful region.

    I understand the bloggers’ demand of including some main points or excluding some existing information (dance), and I really appreciate them. However, on a positive note, I would say that it is a great initiative on behalf of Mr. Malik and hope to see more documentaries about the region in future.


    1. Respected zohra Sahiba, Thanks for appreciation, All the points are valid and geniun, due to lack of time i could not include the points raised in this blog, I am planning 13 episode serial with WWF in june july, I will also upload the english version of tyhis documentary on today or tomorrow,

  20. really it’s a catchy documentry, an appreciatable work by you……it will raise the core issues faced by the people of hunza valley.

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