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Karakoram International University’s pack of blunders

by Waseem Diro

During the last few decades the region of Gilgit-Baltistan has witnessed developments in every sphere of life, including education. Establishment of Karakuram International University (KIU) in 2001 provided an opportunity for local people to acquire higher education at their door step.

For last nine years KIU has successfully graduated thousands of students eradicating illiteracy and illuminating the far flung areas with light of knowledge. We cannot expect KIU to yield results which are at par with experienced educational institutions, but one can expect a minimum level of standard in its normal operations. Unfortunately, it has failed to maintain it, which is obvious from its examination form for Bachelors. In this form the logo spells it “Karakurum” whereas in the main heading of same page name of university is written “Karakoram”. It shows sheer negligence or confusion of concerned authority regarding the name of university. The name of Gilgit-Baltistan has been changed by the university to “Gilgit-Balistan”.

The examination form is more a pack of blunders, than a document with clear guidance. I want to share snippets of mistakes from this form. The first line of instruction states “please read the instructions carefully on page 2. fill in the your handwritting (with blue ball point without cutting, over-writting and fluid). All relevant information, provided in this form and attach all the requird documents, incompelete form will not be entertained.” Filling the form can be done by guessing not by understanding because there is nothing to understand. Nothing comes from nothingness. It would be imprudent to expect competent graduates from examination that has nothing to offer.

Other examples are: “he/she photograph is recent” “jurisiction” for jurisdiction, “supltemenay” for supplementary, “he/she is good moral character”, “durring” for during, “The deficiency of the attendance has been conducted by the undersigned”, “he/she date of birth is”, “accorance” instead of accordance, “photograph not order by six months” rather photograph older by six months, “annuak” for annual, ‘free challan’ instead fee challan ,‘institutions” for instructions, “appeated” in place of appeared, “Ypur” for your, “poll number” as roll number, “proceeded” for prosecuted, “from till the end of the examination”, “aplied” for applied, “attaned” instead of attained, “when the time allowed has expired the answer book must be delivered to superintendent”, “Ghanchi” for district Ghanche and leaving out Hunza-Nagar from the list of districts.

A golden example of instruction provided by KIU examination form is: “No candidate without special permission of officer incharge shall leave his/her seat or the examination from till the end of examination. No candidate shall speak if it be necessary for the candidate to communicate with the superintendent, he/she shall sand up in he/she place and officer in charge will see to he/she wants.”

These are just errors that lie at the tip of ice berg under which lies mass of myriad errors, inconsistencies even in inconsistency, formatting and numbering. The prime objective of university is to generate knowledge and award degrees to students after assessing their capacities. When the “Competent” authority of university make such blunders in the very prologue of assessment, one can only guess the quality of assessment made by university.

Although, the examination form has been filled by premier educational institutions of the region, nobody highlighted shortcoming of the university. When the whole society and state is in decay it is not fair to expect an institution to function perfectly. In the case of KIU proper mechanism, procedure and efficient management is missing. Therefore, I request Higher Education Commission to establish a monitoring system that can evaluate performance and quality of the universities in different spheres. Only a vigilant society and effective monitoring can prevent us from falling into abyss of mediocrity in the highly meritocratic world.

29 thoughts on “Karakoram International University’s pack of blunders

  1. Dr. Najma does not have any right to lead the institution if she is unaware of such blunders under her tip of nose…. How come is it possible that with such tool she is going to enhance the quality of education… KIU should follow the international standards rather copying the 100 years old British government documentation methods… I think that the drafts persons has never been to school even….

  2. Now KIU becomes the second steel mill in PPP government because VC also considers herself PPP jeyala.I appreciate the pamirtimes to highlight this issue as the print media in Gilgit-Baltistan is completely high jack by KIU due to its advertising stake.
    One more comment I want to add here is about the recent recruitments for teaching staff at KIU.Is there any body to ask from VC that ignoring the candidates who were foreign graduates and its own staff (teaching for last seven years) hiring a Precenton University Islamabad graduate as Assistant Prof is legal or crime ? the only crime of other candidates was that they were local resident because VC want to make it a Punjab regiment. The recently hired professors who are paying more than 3lac per month, no one is eligible as per HEC rules.
    Why she is playing with the future of GB. The institute has not seen a single development project in last one year as she spend only 31 days in office in gilgit to earn money in Islamabad. I think this list goes long. still there is time to be sincere and show some sympathy with KIU as shown by previous VC.I request all the media persons to highlight these genuine issues because this is our national asset.

    1. I don’t think any sane mind would associate this issue of blunders in the admission form with being or not being a Jiyala or PPP. Please get out of your stereotype thinking approaches and go for reasoning. Everyone has the right of attachment to political ideologies, whether it is the VC of KIU or yourself.

      Indeed, the blunders made in typing the form is extreme blow to the image of KIU. You should better suggest the organization to take action to eliminate such blunders in the future rather than attaching irrelevant and illogical things to political associations of an individual.

      1. The blunders made in typing the form is extreme blow to the image of KIU, THE BLUNDERS MADE IN SHORT LIS TING THE ASSISTANT PROF. is extreme blow to the image of KIU. The blunder made by inductions of retired Prof. for nis extreme blow to the image of KIU. the blunders of not offering any Ms and M-phil is extreme blow to the image of KIU. the blunders of ch looting the university by the visiting chancellor and registerar is extreme blow to the image of KIU. Good

  3. First of all to identify who has done this type of big mistakes ,the printing press or the person who is preparing such type of documents for KIU. shame on the management for such as blunders .we claim that our literacy rate very high but the person who has developed this form is looking illiterate.

  4. When a non-graduate President appoints VC of the University, what else you expect than this?

  5. I m thankful to pamirtimes for indicating the blunders of KIU…This is only a single pack of blunders made by these ppl that has been unravelled at a forum like this, the reality is we have seen more than this from KIU board,including that of sending datesheets to wrong persons depriving the actual ones, making mix ups in marks etc.Morever when inquired these ppl they put up a very cool excuse that they r new, I dont know what being new has got to do with issue like this.This is smthing that only requires being responsible..

  6. What do you expect from the incompetent non-teaching staff of KIU? Their sole qualification is nepotism and forgery. I do know that not all non-teaching staff are incompetent but most of them are political inductees.

  7. I am sure u are talking about Preston University as u mentioned Precenton University
    No it is not crime at all. I am not concerned with your comments on the above issue, but i can definitely say, that you are wrong about Preston University. There are many professionals from GB have graduated from PIMSAT and they are successful in their profession.
    I have studied myself in Preston University, and proud to be a Preston graduate.
    Riyadh KSA

  8. This is far too much ignorancea. And this is the time to show real leadership and people responsible should be identified and immediately sacked.
    And also VC should resign.
    This is the height of incompetency and we cannot tolerate it any moore.

  9. Dear readers,
    One should not be surprise of this blunders… if we look at the current situation of our country… in each and every sector, we are doing this…. According to a report this government has taken lead in corruption as compared to the previous governments. This is indeed is a gaffe..
    students please discuss it with your unaware VC

  10. Shame on the VC KIU and the whole team of examination department for committing not a single but producing comedy of errors. Even a common reader of English can point out these mistakes. if KIU does not have personnel with good command of English the typist at least checked the form via auto checking in Mircrosoft Word. it would have reduced the mistakes by half. I do not know what the VC, Registrar and Controller Examination are doing there. This form is face of the university as it is for distribution outside the University. If KIU does not bother to save its face than nobody is going to save it from defacing from the list of Universities in Pakistan. and it should be so. if university act against the very reason of existence then it should be abolished. it better to be in reality of accepting it as post graduate college, than remain under the illusion that it is university.

  11. Hey guys look at the education preachers of GilgitBaltistan.

    What a pitty.

    It is shame for all the populate of GilgitBaltistan that we are nourishing such a so called INTERNATIONAL university which has even don’t know about itself and its suburbs. In this regard the VC and other Highest management personnels are responsble for such actions and many other activities about which general public are not familiar. I am thankful to PAMIRTIMES who exposed off a prominent error of Examinaton Board of KIU.

    One thing more i would like to share with all my friends on Pamir Times that we have nurturing our sectarianism and making different gangs i.e. sectarian, regional biased, and other terroristic groups for sake of welfare of a particular small gang. These gangs try to becharm the VC and maintain there supermacy on the whole institution. What we need to do is to condemn and eradicate such gangs and nurture our beloved sole university to produce highly intellegent professionals and make it real INTERNATIONAL university.

  12. Thank you Pamir……its true that the KIU is a pack of blunders…….its unfortunate that a currupt lady has taken the charge….she is not a vice chancellor rather a visiting chancellor……looting the vrsity……but who is going to question this on going curroption……i request the media persons of Gilgit-Bltistan to disclose the reality………oh the poor people of Gilgit-Baltistan ….wake up and save this allma matta from the curse of these non locals. How can we expect a positive contribution from these people……isn’t it enough to see what these people have done with pakistan. The retired professors and core allies of the Visiting Chancellor are in…….to strenthen the VC. A NUMBER OF LOCAL LECTURERS ARE SEEKING JUSTICE FROM THE COURTS…..SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ARE TAKEN BY THE OUTSIDERS ,,,THE AIM IS TO CONTROL TE VERSITY FOR LONG TIME WITHOUT ANY COMPETITION FROM THE LOCALS. But how can we make these people understand to unite and struggle for the true identity and political power of the region.

    1. Pamir should ban ethnocentric views in the dialogue session. Putting blame on non-locals is not the solution. One should not stereotype all non locals for some black sheep. We all have mutual significance for one another. Try to develop patience and respect for others and learn to coexist in diversity.

  13. The VC of this university should start selling some fruits in market then running a university and the person who had made this error should start selling goats in Naltar

    Is this the level of KIU management ? Pathetic to say the least.

  14. Interesting, odd and shameful.

    A nominee of AKU is Trustee of KIU and I request that in protest he should resign and demand an inquiry into this sorry state of affairs.

    It is strange, MS word and other softwares have spell checkers built in their software, why did they not spell check?

    I do not know who the VC is but I am sure the VC will initiate an inquiry.

    In this country we have some MNAs and MPAs with forged degrees, we have Chief Economist of Sindh who has degree in Physics, a lawyer who is Federal Minister of Information Technology.

    Let us pray that Inshallah a day will come in Pakistan, when merit will be sole criteria for appointment and promotions.

  15. this is a real picture of KIU and this document should not be taken as separate as this is due one of many problems KIU is suffering from. I think these errors are not due to direct negligence of VC and she should not be blamed directly. These are the aftereffects of our First VC who in his time has employed a number of people violating merit. Previous VC has tried to maintain merit but our people do not let him to do so. Many of the top officials were hired violating merit even incompetent people are given promotions.
    This is one side of the picture the other side of picture is a reflection of the first one in which consequences are shown. The given document is just an example of the consequence. If you have a closer look into the KIU you will find almost all the official documents have these problems. In some letters highest management and faculty are using informal language, in most cases you will not find any official language while in some places we can see basic grammar and spelling mistakes.
    One should not ignore these mistakes as these are symptoms of larger problems indicated by the writer and others.

  16. I agree that this form is the epitome of inefficacy, mismanagement, incompetence and senselessness. I also thank Mr. Waseem for his effort, which also gives me great hope that in the million or so educated people of GB at least there is one who really chooses to look at what we are producing. The question we all should be asking is, this form has been circulated all over GB, not only to students, but also to some renounced colleges of the area, and nobody bothered to correct or at least highlight the matter. It not only shows the incompetence of KIU, but the standard of our over all education system and general public.

    Here we must also ask that after giving out such an examination form, which would hardly get 0 out of 100, under what capacity KIU is authorized to test the knowledge and learning of poor students. This form in a way is the public face of the university and by the looks of it at best KIU can conduct a bogus and fraudulent examination. I never doubt the degrees or qualification of the teachers and staff, but this show their lack of sincerity and direction. It seems like every body has got a job and a hefty salary, the only effort they are doing is to inflate their bellies.

    If we think ourselves to be thinking and living people, it our moral duty to watch out for these blunders. I would suggest a serious effort to collect all the public documents of KIU and review those. Generally specking, it’s the duty to education institutes to correct the social wrongs and guide in the direction of enlightenment. But in our case it has to be the other way. We must dissect each and every thing put out by this university, because what’s at stack here is, no less then our future as a developing and proud GB.

    Best of Luck!!!!!!

  17. this is the latest form as the previous one did not hold such mistakes. the older was simple but accurate. Mr. Ibrahim Hussain Yawar, an alumni of Business administration department the KIU, had once proposed an overhaul of the academic plan and the admission form. that was very brilliant effort but could not be materialized as the alumni got no positive response.
    i don’t know why in presence of some of the dedicated lecturers and management such a blunder occurs. was there no one to at least proof read the form? or is it a deliberate act to harm the image of the university? whatever the reason be but the management of KIU should heed this matter………………………………….
    and a simple message to everybody do criticize but in a positive way. beside highlighting the negatives, do try to give positive suggessions to overcome the negative. this university belongs to the whole nation.

  18. when and where; the power engines of GB-the kiu graduates,ll serve the region is a hope of the hopeful, but the recent trash pack of form makes it hard to believe.Unbelievable-if its not a prank(to defame the uni)-then its more an unforgivable smudge.its really heartrending to see such exceptional blunders from an institution.the administration ought to ponder into such issues,and engrave solid steps for quality assurance.we can never compromise on quality-nd that’s the goal.

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