[Pictorial] Water level in the dammed Hunza River is rising, fear in the upstream villages

Water level in Hunza’s dammed river has increased by around 10 feet during the last week. According to local people, temperature is gradually rising in the upstream valleys, causing increased discharge of water from glaciers and springs.

The local people have expressed fear that more houses might come under water because of Frontier Works Organization’s failure to lower the water level significantly, despite of working there for more than one year.

In the meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that during premier Gillani’s recent visit of China, the two governments have agreed to handover the task of lower the lake barrier to a Chinese company.

Reportedly, the Chinese company will also construct a “tourist facility” in vicinity of the lake, after bringing down the water level by around 100 feet.

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  1. It is a strong concern of the people of Gojal that GB government FWO could release the dammad Hunza river in two years time.It was also predicted after four days of Atta Abad slide, that the dam will sustain its existence there for many years and the people will face hardship and will be in trouble for long time. Now the only solution is to handover the task to CRBC China construction company that they start working at the spillway.Otherwise the stranded people of Gojal will suffer more.

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