The ephemeral beauty of Almond blossom heralds the coming of Spring in Hunza valley


By: Zulfiqar

March 31, 2009, Aliabad Hunza

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  1. you are brillient really i am inspired and there is no place like our beauiful velly around the world.

  2. Nice Snaps. I think the law and order situation is not suitable to visit the valley???

  3. Dear Sucrat-

    Please note that Law and order situation in Gilgit Baltistan specially in Hunza is as safe as any other safe location of the World.

    the media news have mislead the people specially foreign tourists who have mixed the situations in north of NWFP, Pakistan to the GIlgit Baltistan. The volatile regions of the NWFP are more than 500 km away from peaceful Gilgit Baltistan (known as Northren Areas of Pakistan) and these locations are apart from Gilgit Baltistan with high snow covered mountains so no militant can access to Gilgit Baltistan without proper route. There are many security checking points on these routes and even layman of Gilgit Baltistan have no sympathy and matching ideology with the militants in the Volatile regions of NWFP so entry than nesting of such elements in Gilgit Baltistan region is not possible. So please feel comfort if you wish to visit Gilgit Baltistan.


  4. Wow’’’’’’’’’’’’’ no doubt, haven on earth, I pray this New Year bring happiness, worth to our beauty home town and conclude the phenomenon.

  5. Very ncie. We look forward to cherry and apricot blossom. the work of chinese on KKH has also added colours to it, though there are hardships and challenges in the short-run!

    Socrat ji: The primary function of the state and the government is to maintain law and order, protect the life, property and honour of the citizens and create a sense of peace and security for those who travel to the land.

    we hope with the help of the peace loving people, the Federal Administration in GB will deliver its primary function.

  6. Wow….Excellent pictures of my home town. Thanks for your efforts Mr. Zulfiqar….You are brilliant…

  7. To Sucrat concern,
    Law and order is not a problem through out this beautiful valley very safe place ..i am not sure where are you based if outside of Pakistan i would suggest you to visit through China and back the same way.

    as myself in a travel business recently we have change our itineraries for northern areas through China and Central Asia.

  8. Dear readers

    See the Heaven in the earth,

    God Bless you Heaven in the earth.

    Thanks for you Zaqyour Zulfee and your team for the great job.

    Ali Aman Gojali

  9. Thanks for sharing with u all these scenery and Fantastic picture, Where our breath stop,its just nice picture all over you taken, the blossom in hunza is more awsome, it looks so nice, Really admiring,,,

    Karim -USA

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