MLA Mutabiat Shah wants “strict action against those who spoke against Pakistan”

By Farooq Ahmed

GILGIT, June 4: The Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly Speaker Wazir Baig has asked the members to come up with legislation instead of moving resolutions.

Presiding over the third day’s proceedings of the house, the Speaker observed that most of the time of the house is wasted by debate on resolutions.

Minister for Law Wazir Shakil Ahmed said that the house was only doing business of resolution and nothing else. Debating ambiguous resolutions is tantamount to wastage of time and suggested that resolutions should be turned into a question on which he must seek explanation on the subject.

Earlier, Mutabiat Shah moved a resolution seeking strict action against those elements who, according to him, spoke against Pakistan.

Initiating debate on the resolution independent member Didar Ali asked the authorities to take stern action against such elements. Ruling party member from Astor Abdul Hamid told the house that people of Gilgit-Baltistan were more patriot than the people of other provinces.

He said an unprecedented package was given to Hunza but people were still unhappy. He demanded steps against anti-state elements.

Chief Minister Mehdi Shah said that those who spoke against the state would be taken to task but owing to the current situation, the government restrains from arresting them.

However, he informed the house that FIR has been lodged against those who spoke against the ideology of the country.

The house also disposed of two resolutions regarding construction of Cadet College in Chilas, headquarter of Diamer District and promotion of Social Welfare Department in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Janbaz Khan tabled the resolution and demanded immediate construction of the cadet college which was being delayed unnecessarily. He described it of paramount importance that could ensure delivery of quality education in the most backward district. Didar Ali also supported him.

The Speaker observed that there was no doubt that it was a public interest project and meant for the entire country not for only Chilas city. He directed the chief minister to make efforts for provision of funds for the institution. [DAWN]

Editor’s note: The original headline has been changed.

Source: Baad-e-Shimal

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  1. Mutabiet Shah is representing the valley which is sinking into the lake day by day. He is unable to speak in fron of the gathering in Gulmit last week when the CM visited the area.
    Mutabiet Saheb, People of the area are helpless as they see their houses and properties sinking into the lake. People would definitely come to you with anger, qestion you, of course not in a descent way, because you are their representative. In turn you need to raise their issues in the house, not to call for strict action againts them by calling them anti state element. In situations like, slogans against the government, bad governance is natural, and it can not be terms as againts the state.

    I am personally very much disappointed with your resolution. I do not think there is any anti state element in Gilgit Baltistan, not at all, they are more faithful then people of other provinces.

    1. A minor correction, Mutibiat Shah is not representing Gojal because he is not an elected representative rather Wazir Baig is the representative of Gojal. Let me tell the truth Mutabiat Shah is the selected representative of the government. His position is there to speak for the government not for the people.

  2. all these so called politicians and dictators are the anti-Pakistan who turned the natural disaster into man-made disaster, who submerged the most important strategic location, cut off a land rest of the world, stopped Pak-China trade, force people to live in tents, vanished people livelihood……., practically they proved that they are really not sincere with Pakistan and their people…………?

  3. this is the reaction and response from the terrified culprits of GB-assembly members including the officials because after bringing the resolution of Judicial inquiry against them they are now terrified. the real anti-state elements are those GB-assembly members and other corrupt officials who used the power against the innocent people of GOJAL and sabotaged their freedom of expression in Gilgit. the corrupt official have committed criminal negligence using the legislation and being in power and in government of Pakistan and delayed the work on the lake.

    i urge the opposition leaders in the GB-Assembly to bring the judicial inquiry resolution and practically work on it.
    the judicial inquiry must be carried out against these so called members and corrupt officials.
    All Gojalys must be united against such kind of accusation and FIR if there happens against any person.

    1. Mutabiat Shah Wazir Baig and Madi shah sham to all of you properties sinking into the lake everything goon and you are talking about throw Pakistani you should resin your post and go to your home town gulmit to help them

  4. I have been reading Pamir Times from the last seven or eight months.What i have observed is that all the people of Hunza and Gojal and Gulmit are against their political leaders .Also their leaders are very bold,they never bring resulotions like Chilas Leaders for Compensation and Cadet College,they never talk of additional seat and tehsil for hunza ( Hunza is by Area the Largest Sub-Division of GB), they never talk of their border and facility of trade for their businessman being at the Border of China,they never talk of Toursim( Hunza the Heaven on Earth ),they talk of converting this lake into dam,they talk of Pakistan, Resolution against Isreal( which Mutabiat Brought on 3rd June),Praising Zardari and Gillani. I suppose they are not sincere to their Public what i see

    1. Dear, this the biggest delimma of Hunza, that we have so-called highly educated leader but lack of leadership skills and courage.

  5. As expected, This was what we were expecting more from our socalled leaders.
    agree with jamal and musofir, further i would like to ask muthabyath sho that what do you mean by ANTI STATE ELEMENTS ? I think that you socalled leaders want that the peole should shut their mouths and keep quiet and could not ask you questions…
    than what the hell you people are for???
    And one thing i would like to say to all the socalled jiyalas of Gojal and their father wazeer baig that what ever you are today is just because of the people of Gojal but you have forgotten it… but the people of gojal will never forget that how did you people reacted to them in such a crucial situation…. We observed you all in every aspect, its true that you people have no any feeling for the people of gojal. You people are yourself ANTI STATE ELEMENTS. and A TRUE ANTI GOJAL ELEMENTS,
    your performance in this situation is PATHETIC….sHAME sHAME sHAME!

  6. hats off to Mutabiyat shah for your sincerity with the people of Gojal by highlighting the genuine issues of masses in Hunza.I salute u for focusing on that issue which will automatically raise the positive image of Hunza and its youth. Wazir sahib is busy in highlighting the real issue of changing the area into dam and you are busy in declaring youth of Hunza as ati state elements.
    thanks to our well educated(so called) youth of Hunza and particulaly to Gojal for making such kind of people our leaders.

  7. This is really hard for me to believe that this is the same Mutabiet Shah Sb, who spent his life working for the poor and isolated rural communities. A well educated and popular figure of Gojal.

    See how dirty this politics which has transformed such a nice person. Mutabiet Sb if you want strict action against those who raised their voices againts the government for not paying due attention to the Attaabad disaster, then we all are here,,, ready to go to prison.
    Even the Pakistani government never doubted us,,, No matter which party ruled the country they always said that people of Gilgit baltistan are faithful… and our own representative is bringing in such a resolution. Congratulations Mutabiet Sb, you are a great leader indeed.

  8. The Dawn report faithfully copied by your blog can be called anything but can’t be appreciated as the reporter of dawn (well known for his ‘services’) could not find any real news except ‘religiously’ reporting this so-called “state bashing” news. The emotional state of disaster-stricken people cannot be underplayed whatsoever as people lost their stocks and properties well before their eyes particularly when the state was helpless to provide them any succor and relief on time. Leave aside the MLAs and MNAs. This is very bizarre of the semi-literate reporters that they make efforts to sell their story by scandalizing so many non-issues which is aimed at serving their masters than people in distress. What about the mobs in Chilas (Basha Dam riots) who not only insulted the State Flag, Anti-state Slogans but ironically those who got killed while torching the public property were also compensated on Feb 18 2010 and this compensation was approved by Madi Shah, the chief minister.
    Mutbiat Shah and et al should pull their socks and avoid instigating non issues. They are failed lot of ‘installed politicians’ who are acting to please their masters than serving public. This is the era of defending a nation state, it is time to globalize your voice, Mr Shahs!

  9. All these PPP …. (Mehdi, Mutabiat,Didar Ali and Hameed) should be arrested first and throw them into prison, so they could realize their status who they are and what they are doing and what do they mean by anti-state elements.
    Sham on you GB representativ by calling yourself the patriots of that country. Again you are not petriots you are just the pets of that party. A person who could not speak infront of his people for their rights they are asking him, why he is doing kitchen politics. The youth(patriots) of Hunza-Gojal continue your humanitarian services as you are bless by God with such power. Go ahead and do it.

  10. Really interesting and crucial issue… I am not sure that why is this assembly mixing up the State of Pakistan and the Government of Pakistan. It is identical to move made by President Zia ul Haq in early 80’s against those who were critical to his government. He labeled his opponent anti-Islamic or communists and put them into the jails.
    Instead of dealing with their own inability to handle the situation GBA is now moving towards such cheap and mean tactics to show their strength. Being the representative assembly of the entire GB it is time for them to initiate discussion and debate over how better to rehabilitate the displaced persons? How to reinstate the disrupted economy of the area? How to deal with the natural calamities in Baltistan, Ghizer and such other areas? How to use the state institutions and organization effectively in such unfortunate situation? There are thousands of problems to deal with; I don’t know why are they just wasting times and resources with such “hyper-ideological cum baseless” debate. Nobody has yet determined that what is meant by pro-Pakistani and anti-Pakistani. Every government has their own criteria for labeling someone anti state or anti Pakistani.
    If they feel that people are moving anti Pakistani or what so ever, then instead of presenting any bill in the assembly they should administrate a research. They should try to find out the “Why?” factor. Why the people of Gojal area talking about long march towards China boarder? Because the current government failed to handle the current situation properly. Instead of listening to them police force was mobilized to put them into the jails. Such bills are not the solution of any problem, but it will add to it. PPP being a political party should deal with this situation on political level instead of following the path of Zia and other dictators.

  11. Instead of realistically investigating their failures and weaknesses during this disaster, they have called all those who criticized them for not doing enough as anti state elements is really a cheep move.

    We all condemn the whole GB assembly members for their inability and total failure in this whole issue which is still not over.

    In my opinion the real anti state elements are these “Thekedars” siting in the GB assembly who caused this irreparable loss to the people of Hunza, Gojal and Gilgit and the economy of Pakistan in the volume of millions of rupees per day on account of trade and the cut-off of the vital link between Pakistan and China. Had they taken the right decision at the right time, the situation would have been different today. It was a deliberate attempt on the economy of Gojal, Hunza and Gilgit by these sick minded sectarian rates.

    We demand an impartial judicial enquiry by a judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan to bring those responsible for this loss to properties of patriot people of Gilgit, Hunza who call those raising voices for their rights as anti state.

    I condemn this cowardly move by the members and would suggest that the people of Gojal should file a petition in the Chief Court of GB for withdrawal of our support given through vote to Mr. Wazir Baig and demand fresh election for his seat.

  12. Politicians like these force us to become anti state. Or else an option of Independent state is not far away in our minds. Better these ….. do something constructive in Assembly, what kind of disaster is this. Corrupt chinese bussinessman and illetrate people are representing us. And to Mr Muhammad Ali Akhtar who has shown the real person residing inside, the hatred towards Hunza.
    Long Live the State of Hunza

      1. where on the earth does the constitution of Pakistan recognize Gilgit-Baltistan as part of Pakistan?

  13. Hello Zulfiqar/ Noor

    Now you are aware of the real reasons behind the tabling of the resolution I hope you’ll remove this post or at least make it less scandalous.

    1. @Sajjad,
      What point you want to make here?? What real reasons behind the tabling of the resolutions???
      from a very well educated person like you, we expect that instead of giving a threatening messages to Noor and Zulfiqar o fPT, you should tell all the reader what were the real reasons behind?/ so that we all know it. All the community of Gojal should know if there are some hidden facts behind.

  14. can mutabeyat define the term ‘anti state,??? how can a man who spent all his life in an NGO adding and subtracting money touch a topic so complicated and crucial??? he should look into the ground realities in the region and the political status of the region first. as someone in a comment on the same news item has said the man under discussion is what he has termed ‘selected, representative so i wont comment on his ‘service, to his motherland but the term ‘anti-state, has really perturbed not only me but my likes among the youth ranks of the region.
    being a journalist in general and reporting the proceedings of Pakistan’s parliament in particular i have had a first account of the speeches of ‘elected representatives,… the politicians belonging to all four provinces speak in a far more bold and blunt manner than the most radical elements of gilgit-baltistan. remember we have a ‘province-like, status not a full fledged province. may mutabeyat kindly show me as in which article, clause or sub-clause of the constitution of pakistan will i find my province called gilgit-baltistan…
    the term and hype created latter is meant just to divert the masses attention from the ever haunting water bomb popular as ataabad lake

  15. If to raise the voice against the injustice with the victims and for the adherent rights for the affetees is against the state or freedom of speech is against the state, than we should proceed and continue with it. As we should stop Mutabiat shah for committing wrong things and disgracing the credibility of Hunza, as well as he should first fulfill his core obligations of leadership than he should speak to make his “…..” master happy.

  16. Actually our youth is emotional and they are off course right. What actually the problem is that there is a communication gap between the stakeholders. The leader has no roots within the public. The public needs satisfactions, if the leader will communicate with the larger public, most of the misunderstanding will be getting clarity.
    The leaders are requested to please understand difference between anti government and anti state. State and government are two different things. If the government is criticized they must understand this is a component of democracy.
    I am not satisfied with the opinion of Ejaz Karim, where he says Mr. Shah is a government elected representative. If Shah sahib is a government representative than who is the public representative? After all he is representing the public of Hunza.

    Waheed from Gulmit, gojal

  17. we the people of Gilgit Baltistan are more peaceful more faithful and patriot than the other province. this sentence is a natural truth and no body can deny. we are anti PPP and the current regime for not taking serious action on attabad disaster. they are not sincere with the people of GB, So we condemn all the local chamchaz in future.

  18. The strings of this conspracy go to the offices of daily DAWN in Islamabad. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan are truely Pakistani. No one doubts their patriotism in the country.

  19. It,s a concrete fact that Mutabiat Shah / Wazir Baig has won the the seat by “selcetion” based on rigging, Therefore, they are not the real reprsentatives of Hunza. If the free and fair has been occured, I believe that ppp could,t able to win the seat. If to speak about PPP Govt.”s negligences / failed managements is supposed to be as expresssion against the State than indeed, it should be done as it’s gonna be. No body either Govt. or these rigging based representatives can,t stop expressing about the wrong things.

  20. There is no point of being anti-state when you actually don’t belong to the state…. where on the earth does the constitution of Pakistan recognize Gilgit-Baltistan as part of Pakistan?????

  21. sajjad@can u plz tell us the hidden reason behind it….i was not excepting it from u

  22. hahaha very nice joke…anyway if the people have been anti govt., , I think there is some reason behind it, and some people are responsible for that…This is the responsibility of a good leader to face the people in difficult time, and help them out..if you cant help them or satisfy them .. they will definitely be reactive or take some action against govt. not state..
    Agree with those people..who clearly mentioned that these leadership must study the difference b/w the govt. and state..then go for passing any resolution..

    Another factor of this resolution is that the people of Gojal want a judicial inquiry of this disaster..and these so called leaders are pressurizing the youth to hide their corruption..

  23. @ All

    First of all the NGO mentality can not be fruitful for the down trodden masses of the Hunza. This is the high time to show the unity for the betterment of suffering people of Hunza Lake and demand the permanent solution for the IDPs of Hunza but this mouth piece of Zardari speaking ill and creating hindrances between the local representatives and federal government.
    “More Royal than the King”
    Now it is the test case for the youth of GB in general but in particularity for the people of Hunza come forward and speak for the people of Hunza otherwise Leaders like Wazir Beg and Mutibiat Shah are providing some sort of legitimacy for another scum “Guzenfar” and so-called Rani of Hunza.

  24. Awam khappay…mehdi shah khappay…wazir baig khappay…mutabiyat khappay… dam khappay…spill way khappay…. cusec khappay…tang agaya hu mein saru…. tum log sare khappay…

  25. The reality behind this issue is not well known to us but he has directly or indirectly hit the anti state youth in Gojal or some where else. This could be cleared from that person who has full proof of this issue regarding anti state elements, anyhow its not possible to comment on this issue as there arises family or societal disputes, according to my point of view some of our leaders are run on key as the key is with that person who is in the area where these issues take place, its so clear to every one who are these persons and how their roles are in society. i would not specify their names only i can say is they are from PPP and they have more love for their party rather their land and homes and families.

  26. If there is no freedom of expression than this is not democracy this is the worse dectatorship. Camera has captured the whole acivity and they have given their reservation in black and white, if there is a doubt must consult the material rather than such statements and resolution. Its natural when people seek help and nobody listen and visit the area. CM visited the area after two months of the incident.

    We are more loyel, patriot a slogan against the elected members does not mean against the state.

    In Waziristan Pak Army is fighting against such elements the people of Gojal just peacefully protested

  27. Mr.Muthabayat Shah Sahb and Wazir Baig Sahb if you are reading this please arrange a session with youth of Hunza so that we could understand your policies and priorities for Hunza as the youth is confused that the laws of democracy and the dogma of fighting for their own right does not work in this mountainous region ?

  28. No doubt this juvenile setup has made enough number of mistakes from the beginning, how on earth can we expect 100 percent from this immature administration but I disagree with the emotional rhetoric used by our youth regarding this unavoidable calamity.
    We need to critically analyze the dynamics of politics and power structure in Pakistan, we must know the fact that how the military establishment, bureaucracy and Political stalwarts in the federal government manipulate each phenomena in GB for their own interests. After examining these facts, we must act rationally and logically. I don’t think these emotional rhetoric will help us in overcoming the vary crises.

  29. The politics of GB is largely influnced and covered by ethnic, secterian and regional biasness and hidden agendas. I think the resolution, whether right or wrong, should not be considered specific to the demostrations in Hunza-Gojal rather in the overall geo-political scenario and standing of GB.

  30. @Sajjad Baig & Zulfiqar why don’t you guys make the youth clear about the hidden agendas of this resolution. Just defending the leaders will not work; you need to satisfy the youth by sharing all the facts behind this resolution. Anyhow, whatever Mr. Mutabiyat has done unbelievable, I personally condemn it. my humble request from the people of Gojal is please be united and don’t depend on these so called leaders, they will not do anything for you.

  31. instead of talking on international issues our leaders should first address our own issues. There is a parliament with 342 members, 100 senate members to talk on international issues. We request our leaders to present a resolution in GBLA to ensure timely and effectively implementation of what the government has promised for the affectees.

  32. Yes Mr Muthabiate since when are you appointed as certification officer for issuing State or anti state certificate. This was a mantra very dear to the religious extremists of the country and now has been borrowed by our honourable technocrate. .Lets reviwe it and find how we fit into your difinition of anti state.
    We are anti state because:
    We are the defenders of 3 crucial boarders of Pakistan .You will find dozens of tombs of the shohadas in every village of Gojal who sacrificed their lives for our beloved countary,
    We have thousands of Ghazis and heros of wars,
    We have zero percent crime rate in gojal and 100% literary rate too.
    Shabash Muthabiat ! instead of struggling for your tehsil you are declaring us anti state??
    To hide your incompitency and failure you are playing with the emotions of the people of Pakistan.
    Dear readers this is the short story of our anti state activities. Mr Mutabiat think before you speak
    ….Is ghar ko aag lag gai ghar ki chiragh se…..
    Pakistan Zindabad – Gojal Paindabad.

  33. I am really surprised to read some of the baseless comments made by some our brothers to defend the puppet leadership. Let me explain. For these puppets, The Anti state are those guys, who in these crucial period served the community without any means, worked day and night to assist the community, and raised voice to realize the Govt to take the issue seriously. This is their sin.

    Thanks to the Brave team of Pamir Times


  34. The resolution is against and condemns People who are anti Pakistan. If people are not anti-Pakistan, Why? and What are they worried about?

    Why are people trying to confuse anti-govt protests with anti-Pakistan activities?

    People from Gojal, other parts of Hunza and whole of Gilgit-Balistan have been protesting against the actions of government, or lack of, since january. These protest have taken place not only in Gulmit or Aliabad but in cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. All the pictures of them protests and related stories can be found on this website. The government over the last 5 months hasn’t, as far as i know, tried to stop such protest and i am sure it won’t try to do so in future.

    People who are against this resolution are maligning the peaceful protests being carried out by the people of Hunza-Gojal.

    1. @sajjad Bhai,
      can u elaborate who are those anti state elements, who are doing anti state activity since 04th Jan 2010 or from the day when uncle Mutabiat selected as member????

  35. i think people should be careful enough not to misinterpret things and understand the context behind whats being said. Talking this way is only going to create more confusion.
    We should go ahead with a constructive mindset, only cribbing the government is not going to work.

  36. Very interesting and emotional debate..

    That is obvious that people from sinking valley were not expecting such statement or resolution move from their leaders….. This shows that our leaders are still immature rather they do not have right to represent an educated and loyal people of Gojal Hunza in GB assembly…..

    I agree with Abdul Waheed’s point of view that there is a gap between our leaders and other stakeholders specially youth (which we have observed in the past as well)…. Such statement shows that our leaders are been guided or dictated by few uneducated advisors ……. I think, in the current situation our leaders should not represent corrupt federal govt of PPP but should come out of the circle and join hands with people of Gojal to take their genuine issues to G B assembly… by such statements and resolutions what they want to show??????

    I think, all the local and regional leaders from all parties (PPP, PML (N), PMLQ, MQM etc… have disappointed people of Gojal… no one has stood with us in the difficult time.. we never seen Ghazanfar… nor we seen Kamil Jan … or other leaders etccccccccccccccccccc…

    I think this is a lesson learnt for us for future selection of our leadersss…..

    But we salute our volunteersssssss from Shishkat to Chipurson and Shimsal, this shows that we are helping each other…..Build back better

    God bless you all, we have to rebuild Gojal, be united

  37. It seems that labellings the resolution in GBLA is to divert the public attention, it is quite good advice from an naive adviser but I must suggest if Present Government has any senses they should utilize their energy positively to lessen the sufferings of victims. Mr Mehdi Shah, Mr. Wazir Baig and Mr Mutabiat Shah, your this act will not work to improve your political image rather you you will loose your firm supporters and shows the political immaturity of all who were behind this l act. Protesting against government is not becoming anti state so don’t consider yourselves a sacred cow.

    Present Government should Immediately convene a press conference and clarify your position on all episodes from 4th Jan to till date.

  38. Hay folks, let’s assume for a while that this resolution has to be seen in the broader context of GB. The broader context of GB speaks into our eyes that its political status is in a state of limbo, so why don’t our patriot leaders present or pass a resolution for the constitutional right of the region first? Once that status is clearly declared one can then make legislations against anti-state actors.
    The confusions of mixing anti-state, anti-government, anti-Pakistan etc is quite natural and we have inherited it and we are nurturing it since November 16, 1947. we are living an identity crises for the past six decades. our question to accession of Pakistan has not been answered yet. our non-participation in national politics is still a sixty dollar question for the concerned citizens of GB.
    Now at this point of the hour when the region is living through a worse calamity of it’s history, our leaders have stood up to present anti-state resolutions, instead of safeguarding and consoling their people. I have failed to understand our leaders and their priorities (if they have any).

  39. Mr. Muabiat and Wazir baig!
    This is termed “Nacch Na Jany Angan Teda”
    You are not able to face, serve and satisfy your contituency people, rather blaming them to hide your inefficiencies.

    Its a shame. Sorry to say that. We were expecting you to resign from your posts for the faliure of govt to release the water on time, the destructions made as a result and for your people. But you were hunger for corruption as well.
    We Love Pakistan!! but hate the corrupt polititians!!

  40. At the current am very disappointed with all the political leaders neighter from the rulling side nor from the opposit side because this was the time to stand by with the suffered ones and protect their rights put pressure for more relief and compensate the sufferers properly. uptill now all the so called leaders performed very poor including, Wazir baig, mutabiat, gazanfer, attiqa, noor muhammad, kamil jan and all others who especially were exploiting us during the election time as these were the only options. But still there is long way to go upto rehabilitation of the properties, especially in attabad, ayenabad, shishkat and gulmit and together we can succeed and reach a normal and beautiful life again. all the people of GB are no doubt-true patriot and this is not right time for discussing dirt of politics. I am proud of my volenteers and young slot for their contribution.

    hope for the best and good days again

  41. I think there is no any hidden agenda behind the resolution…my dear lopyors “Hum log Roti khate hain, Gaas Nahi”…we can understand things better..If we study the history of these leaders they dont have any contribution at all the levels..they all have their own selfish motives…and one thing we dont expact anything from them but we will never let them take such a rubbish action against our young generation…
    Instead of helping them find jobs etc. these are passing resolutions..with hidden agenda..

    1. With due respect Mr Tariq there are certain elements in the GB region, which have hidden agendas and these elements manipulates the regional politics through sectarian and ethnic violences.
      I think this juvenile democratic setup have been forced by those elements to move this resolution in the house otherwise they are not foolish sitting there to move such resolutions.

  42. The fundamental issue is to determine the difference between anti state and anti government sentiments. We donot understand that what sort of benifit Mr. Mutabiat Shah and Wazir baig want to get out of this very critical resolution, imphisizing the GBLA to pass it so urgently as an mandatory agenda.. The only thing we understand that these persons can go much beyond the limit to take revange from his own public just to keep thier warlords happy and to protect his seats.

    The first unfortunate of the people of Hunza particularly Gojalians are eithier they have been trapped by Rajas and Mirs or play in the hands of so called democrates. Secondly a huge number of our young, educated and energetic youth are sitting impartial without taking interest in the social, political and educational process of our society and resultantly we are still not able to bring forward political leadership who could work for our unity and gives a vision to our society.

    The recent catastrophe where our whole public are going through a longterm disastrous situation is very much evident that still a visible number of people are trying to scandalize the efforts of the civil society organizations who are playing thier role to project the public voice. The question is why we are still reluctant to get united in this stage. God bless our people.

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