Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

GECA announcement

Some villages of Gojal are not represented in the EC because of unavailability of volunteers. GECA invites willing volunteers from the missing villages to come forward and help the election process. However, according to the regulations members of the EC are not eligible for contesting in the GECA elections.

Further, if someone is interested in getting membership of GECA they can download the form, click HERE, fill it and send it to

6 thoughts on “GECA announcement

  1. This shows the DEDICATION of our GECA team, keep it up. Let me know if I can contribute

  2. I am available for the volunteer service from SHISHKET GOJAL. But one request if any support from side I free after office time (07:00pm).


    salman karim
    03223848630 / 03435809082

  3. I appreciate the patronage of seniors like Eng. Ijaz Ahmad, Eng.
    Jabar Khan and Farman Ali to this organization, but let me be blunt of saying what will be the life span of GECA, in past we have seen many such organizations, which has been lost their existence.

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