Lake limbo prolongs in Hunza

Photo by Asghar Khan

PT Report

Islamabad, June 9: Water discharge through spillway of the Attabad Lake continued on tenth day of the spillover, reaching a cumulative discharge of around 4900 Cusecs, as reported by various sources. The water inflow has reached 4780 Cusecs, as measured on June 7, informed sources told Pamir Times.

In the meanwhile water level has gradually started receding in upstream villages, going down by 2.5 inches during the last 12 hours. The total reduction in depth of the lake has reached 6 inches during the past week, people monitoring the lake informed.

Thousands of people wait in camps in downstream villages, having been evacuated to safer places to minimize losses due to a potential flood that experts predicted.

Erosion of the spillway has gone down due to emergence of boulders. An international expert reportedly suggested the government to blow two large boulders present in the spillway but the government has decided to act against the suggestion.

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  1. I am not sure that blowing up the two boulders is such a good idea actually. At least, if slowly, the water is outflowing at steady pace. What if the blowing up of boulders destabilizes the natural dam and let go the whole thing at once ?

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