Shimshal Lake news proven wrong

PT Report

Islamabad, June 15: A national TV channel directly and indirectly misinformed millions by telecasting a false report about formation of a new lake in Shimshal Valley. The TV channel reported that the lake formation had posed great threat to 170 households in Shimshal Valley.

According to information shared by the GB home department the channel has been asked to rectify the misinformation.

Many mainstream and vernacular newspapers also carried the ‘news’ without proper investigation and verification.

Thousands of people spent sleepless nights due to the anxiety caused by the misleading report.

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  1. Who is to blame for this misinformation-the national TV channel, the reporter or the primary source of information? No doubt, people of Gilgit-Baltistan suffered with anxiety caused by the misleading report telecasted on Sunday, June 13, 2010.

    Speaking the truth with responsibility is an important element of professional journalism. Making hurry in spreading breaking news is not sign professionalism. What matters more is how real and true information is being conveyed to public.

  2. The local government should be the best informed party and they (GB-DMA and local government) should be the ones to first share information about disaster.
    Even Dr Dave Petley posted this incorrect news in his blog. He should please correct it.

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