Marvi Memon plans to support a “Long March” for the rights of Hunza – Gojal

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Islamabad, April 23: Marvi Momen has posted a “letter to the prime minister” of Pakistan urging him to look after the issues being faced by people of Gojal and Hunza valley as a result of the Attabad landslide disaster. “Effectees of this disaster will be joining a Long March if their demands are not met”, writes Marvi in the ‘letter to the prime minister’. She also writes that people of the Hunza valley are starting a ‘long march’ from 24-28 April and that she will be joining the Long March because her several requests have not been heard by the governments of Gilgit – Baltistan, as well as the federal government.

It is interesting to note that so far there is no news of any preparation in the region regarding a fresh long march related to the Attabad landslide disaster and issues of the local people. An earlier threat of a long march towards the Chinese border issued by the Mutaseerin-e-Gojal Raabta Committee had been called off after notification of calamity hit status for affected parts of the region was issued by the governor and chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Read Marvi’s letter HERE

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  1. We welcome Marvi Memon and we will be with her in long march we really appreciate her interest in Gilgit- Baltistan, she is not like other politician like the current government from the federal Government who visited Gilgit Baltistan during election and never bothered to visit during the times of disaster especially it is for the Prime Minister of Pakistan who spent days in Gilgit Baltistan for election campaign but never bothered to visit the disaster hit 25000 people of Gojal valley the largest thesil in GB and the same situation with the main opposition party Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Shebaz Sahrif….where are those politic ions who were very active during election time

  2. I am thankful for the support of Ms. Marvi Memon to the people of Hunza Gojal. People of Hunza and Gojal should appreciate the efforts and bold steps taken by Ms. Marvi. From the very beginning she has been raising the issue and campaigning from Karachi to the Parliament to Attaabad for the affected area of Hunza Gojal.

    It should have been done by the GB elected representatives and other so called politicians from GB, but unfortunately they are not capable to take such steps and raise their voices to the President, Prime minister and at the parliament level to address the persisting and potential damages caused by Attabad land slide.

    The current democratic government of GB and especially Hunza Gojal are using every means to oppress people to raise their demand and shut their mouths from speaking for their rights. The elected representative’s fear of losing their positions, but dam care for the people who are losing their lives, properties created by their forefathers for centuries, businesses, mental peace and are cutoff from the rest of the world for four months. This is a matter of basic Human rights. People especially youth and educated men and women should come out of their traditional shells and join any peaceful campaign and raise voices irrespective of their political, geographical, linguistic and ethnical affiliations.

    We are dominated by our attitudinal and learnt behavior to be submissive, accept and not to highlight issues because we personally or our parents, relatives or villages have affiliation with certain political party. We accuse feudalism and dictatorship but we don’t have courage to highlight and condemn dictatorship of a democratic government.

    The actions of Gojal Rabeeta Committee were well appreciated but they also become under control of the dictatorship of democratic govt of GB. They are requested to continue to achieve their goals and please encourage people raise voice for their rights.

    Thank you Marvi.
    Good Luck !!!

  3. We are thankful to Marvi Memon. The so called Represntatives of GB are sleeping. You are welcome Marvi Memon.

  4. We really appreciate MNA Marvi Memon, that she is trying to bring the great problem of our area as, government is not taking any interest to solve this problem, totally v are ignoring by the govt, so thank you, v alwayz wid You.

  5. Well done Ms Marvi Memon ! people of GB should appreciate her bold efforts and shuld cooprate with her ,the elected representatives should come out of politcal shell and motivate the people to raise voice for their rights , rather then going to shut up their mouth ,

    Hakim Jan

  6. thanks Marvi Memon, to being with GB people …we appreciate her efforts and we are with her…. this is a example for politician of GB who adopt ostrich policy …they should rise to get their rights…


  7. Thanks MARVI MEMON,we are with you and hope plp of GB will join you,because it not the time for critisime,we should be united togather its not related to our homeland and abt these poolish politics..

  8. Marvi has got substantial experience in arranging protests in recent times, the latest one being the protest of clerk associations. On completion of this protest, there should be some other front for Marvi to live in media and of course, the Gojal situation is burning issue now a days, so she seems to be all set for arranging protest from this area. Her party did nothing for the area people although people of Gilgit-Baltistan at least gave three seats to her party in GBLA, which gave breath to her party which was about to be out of breaths in the country. Interestingly, Marvi launched her campaign in the elections with the pictures of former President Musharaf, and the votes which her candidates received, were also due to some influence of Musharaf in the region but now she is denying the fact and she associates the success her efforts and her leadership of Q League.

  9. Dear PT Times,
    Thanks for the new ‘tactic’ of hiding the commentator’s names behind the ‘curtain’. It unveils your courrage and dedication towards a ‘free media’ in Pakistan……particularly in GB….? If we continue to fear, we’ll never be able to address our issues in a humanly or let say democratic manner and surely we’ll suffer. I think you too have received a ‘call’ just like Musharraf after 9/11????? It’s a delicate issue because this way, they want to dislodge the intellectual gathering…? but how long??

  10. If my doubts are true, It’s for sure that the whole national game is going to be changed????? For better or worse? simply too early to estimate at a global spectrum.

  11. Most of our people think that the current leadership of Hunza is unable to deliver what they were supposed to. But very few know that they are not more than ‘EMPLOYED SHEPHERDS’. Everything is directed from the ‘Center’ and they are there to fulfill the agenda dictated to them. Our problems could be only addressed if we get out of the ‘trape’ of national political party affliations but it’ll take a century for our common people to understan this since the focus of the power center towards our region in particular is extremely minitious.
    To say that our problems will remain as they are unless the whole national system gets its true shape in terms of economic based policies rather than the ‘false hawkish attitude for self interests’. I paersonally strongly beleive that Pakistan is not going to change under the prevailing circumstances so it really needs fundamental political and administrative changes and it’s only possible under a ‘sincere dictator (if any)’ to divert the path of the masses into a prosperious begining by converting it into a true democratic, independant (both financially and strategically) , accountable, self conscious and a strong adherence to the rule of law etc. It’s true that the very moto of this country was distorted by the dictators and hence this is a dictator (a sincere dictator) who can reverse the whole system otherwise (I hope no) Pakistan is going to have a big blow from within to get its true shape. My wishes and hopes are only to see an emerging and successfull country in terms of socio-economic progress.

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