[Pictory] Shimshal calling

Images: Shujaat Ali

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    1. Its located in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan.
      Latitude: 36°26’17.27″N
      Longitude: 75°19’2.51″E

  1. Superb photography!
    I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it. Mr. Shujaat, you are doing excellent job.

  2. There!! where,d real paragon of heaven delineates beauty nd magnificence .
    superb pics revered bro

  3. Shimshal has its unique beauty, uncomparable to any other,From its glaciers to its pamirs to its beautiful lakes it has attracted tourists round the world.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow beautiful Shimshal ! I did my first long trek to Pamir Swue wurt in july 1988 about 22 years a go i have very nice memories of Shimshal and riding a horse our local guide was Ghulam Amin.Thanks Shujat for sharing

  5. Thank you everybody for your kind words.

    @ Evelyn, please check the below link for more information about Shimshal.

    @ Sahib, I agree with your idea that our students need tips on photography. Professional photographers may be invited to educational institutions for popularizing photography as a decent education and career option. It is common trend that every one wishes for having digital camera but how to take good photographs is not a simple job.

    @JP, sorry for the comressed pictures but I hope at least two of them you can use as wallpaper. Thanks for your liking. Next time, I will keep this point in mind.

    Although situation in Hunza Gojal is not that much dangrous but our tourism industry has badly affected due to the fear of lake outburst and lack of transportation. There is a big loss for the benificiaries like hotels, tranporters, shopkeepers, mountaineers, trekking guides, porters, cooks etc. At least they would not be able to earn what they were earning before due to the visits of local and foreign tourists. Lets think how revival of toursim is possible under current circumstances. It is a matter of our economic development.

  6. I been to gumit, Gujal and feel v. sad to read that this area is under lake. Allah will certainly come to help people effected by this clamity because these folks are so innocent and kind and decent. I love these people and pray for them.
    Mansoor Agha
    Juditial Town, Chatar park,

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