"The spillway will be opened if there is threat of houses getting submerged": FWO

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Gulmit – Shishkat Bridge to be re-linked by May 11

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Hunza, January 15: The Frontier Works Organization (FWO) has said that depth of the dammed river’s spillway will be increased by 98 ft (30 meters) and its width will be increased by 247 ft (75 meters) by the of May. The spillway of dammed Hunza River has been blocked and the water level has started rising in the upstream areas.

“The water is likely to rise at the rate of 9 inches per day”, said Col Zafar and Col Akhtar of the FWO while briefing the media in Hunza. “The spillway will be opened if there is threat of more houses getting submerged” the FWO representative further said.

They also said that FWO has not yet received any additional funding from the government for carrying out the work. They also said that neither the Chinese government nor the National Highways Authority (NHA) has done any work on the spillway.

The FWO personnel further said that they will re-link the Gulmit-Shishkat bridge by May 11, 2011.

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  1. I hope this time around, FWO allows the technical experts to guide them in their work which should be run by the Chinese company. The work should proceed in full swing once the plan is in place and resources available.

    Please seek guidance from NGO FOCUS who have done excellent work in disaster mitigation and people of the area trust them and cooperate with them fully

  2. We should appreciate the work of FWO because since last year
    5th of January 2010
    it is first time any responsible personalities of FWO have given deadline Col Zafar & Col Akhtar have given deadline to reduce the spillway 30 meters deep and Re open the Gulmit-Shishkat Bridge by 11 May 2011
    I hope these two High ranking officers given deadline will be encourage the people of Gojal.
    It is my hope the work will complete on the given schedule time.
    Hikayat shah

  3. The Great Gojal
    the water has again started increasing day by day , more then 60 houses are again under risk . the 100 % educated People of Gojal are happy because relief items have filled their store , they are waiting for more relief o com from different organization , the Government wants more Damage just to earn some more aid from UN , Governer said That masla nai ha jin logu ke gar jaye ge Govt un ko bi utna de ga jitna Phle Walu ko mila ha .
    the people of gojal have been divided into many groups
    some acting as Committe with making different Fake Lists and putting their names in every thing from where they can get some thing
    some busy with earning money on working as labour for those business mans who dont kno to write their name
    some people having their houses far from the lake are happy that without damage they are getting every thing like relief in their house &
    those who have lost thier house say that we have lost every thing now what ever hapens we dont care
    the Jiyals of PPP busy with playing LADU at Chamangul Gulmit ,
    those who are on the red zone are worried that their house will submerge in the lake
    no one thinking of Future of Gojal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the educated Youth of Gojal staying at different Cities of Pakistan is busy with just Commenting on PT, Facebook, and sms
    OH GOD plz Save Gojal
    What will happen to our home land

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