“We welcome Karim Khan to APML”: Islamuddin

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Gilgit, June 16: All Pakistan Muslim League has been functional in Gilgit – Baltistan for the past many months. We welcome new members to the party, including Karim Khan.

These views were expressed by Islamuddin, an activist of APML, famously known as Musharraf League, while talking to Pamir Times the other day. He was responding to a news report published on Pamir Times a couple of days ago.

Islamuddin, a former independent candidate for GBLA from Gilgit city, said that their party is in initial stages and no body has been designated at a party position.

It is pertinent to note that Musharraf’s supporters in Gilgit – Baltistan have welcomed the party, terming it better than all other existing parties. Several leaders and workers of the PML (Q) have reportedly changed party ranks, lining behind the former dictator who is accused by many of destroying key national institutions. Many neutral professionals and educated youth have also expressed willingness to support Musharraf.

Musharraf is popular among the masses in Gilgit – Baltistan because many mega projects were started during his regime, including the region’s only university. The Northern Areas Council was also upgraded to Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA) by his government.

The nationalists and other die-hard federalist party workers are, however, skeptical of the party. They think Musharraf League is another PTI in the making. “People respect him and appreciate his personality but they would not vote for him”, a seasoned PPP worker said.

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  1. Welcome to my friend Karim Khan to APML party.
    A big Salam to Islamuddin, the most friendly trekker in all the Northern area!

    Hope life is quite good to Hunza despite the big landslides. I ‘am with you and support the pain of Hunza people. Next news on Blankonthemap on Attabad landslide soon.

    Bruno from France

  2. Its good to hear that another mega party has been established in ‘occupied’ Gilgit-Baltistan. Of course, it is the political right of all people to voice, form and develop political parties. I am sure that this stpe will be a great asset to increase political awareness and leadership in Gilgit-Baltistan.

  3. this party like other parties will be filled with opportunist. people who joined APML changed their parties many time (LOTAS) like Karim Khan, Sharif and now the owner of APML Islamuddin.

  4. We welcome to our leader Gen(R) Mr, Pre. MUSHARAF…………… to the land of hunza ….and we are happy that he again come back into politics. Sir jee i Salute u and ur efforts …………… and my support is for u all the time….

    Murtazaabad ( HUNZA )

  5. it seems fight for the toper has been started with Mr. KK and Islamuddin, before KK announced the so called dictators party to our beloved area now Mr. Islam is welcoming him to the same party……. all the opportunist who where rejected by public as well as the other party leaders are now taking shelter in the new dictators party.
    we reject the new party here………. we believe two party system to our GB, no MQM and now no Qatil Mushrraf league………..

  6. We welcome APML …..And as a representative of my family frm hussaini I assure
    my full support to Musharraf Sahib .We have tested many parties b4 but all of them failed to work for Gilgit Baltistan.Now its time for revolution so I request every single person of GB to support APML.Musharraf is the only person who can save Pakistan.

    thnks alot

  7. Mr Ali azam,
    can u explain the two party system ? And who are u representing here? What u mean by WE?

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