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New research on origin of Shina language

Syed Shamsuddin A book “Shina Literature and Poetry” published recently is a trailblazing effort by Ghulam Hussain Anjam Danyori. The author has attempted to trace the origin and evolution of Shina language spoken by people inhabiting the Karakoram and Hindukush ranges along the Indus and Gilgit rivers. Tracing the origin...

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Nagar opposes expansion of the spillway

PT Report Islamabad, June 21: Speakers at a conference held in Minapin Nagar opposed the decision to expand the spillway by mechanical methods. The speakers said that the flash floods that might result from the expansion would inundate low laying areas of Nagar Valley. Muhammad Ali Akhtar, GB’s finance Minister...

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Work on the spillway likely to start today

PT Report Gilgit, June 21: Controlled blasting of some boulders hindering water flow through spillway of the Hunza River lake is likely to start today or tomorrow. FWO workers repaired an access route initially constructed for digging up a spillway was repaired today. Water cannons and controlled, safe, blasts are...

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