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Daughters of Eve and their roles in the society

Starting from the hunting-gathering societies of yonder years men, being decision makers, expect women to play specific roles in the society. The image above was taken decades ago somewhere in Hunza Valley. It shows a child playing with a cradle. Obviously the child is getting prepared, consciously or unconsciously, for...

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Understanding Political Crisis in Thailand: From April 2009 to May 2010 Riots

Thosaphon Chieocharnpraphan The Australian National University Postgraduate Student Graduate Studies in International Affairs (GSIA) & Thipsarin Phaktanakul University of Canberra We write this article with extreme misery embedded in the bottom of our hearts as Thai citizens who are now staying overseas and have to watch our beloved country being...

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Boat mafia aggravating condition of the helpless commuters at Hunza Lake

PT Report Islamabad, June 28: The boat service reopened to facilitate stranded people of Gojal Valley seems to have turned into a profitable exploitative business model for a mafia of boat owners and operators. Higher charging, delays in boat operations and misbehavior with the helpless commuters are some of the...

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