Attabad Disaster, a documentary by Nisar Ahmed

To watch the documentary click HERE

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  1. Excellent effort by Nisar, i really appreciat you and your team for this vedio.Its a way to approch our leaders.
    Thanks you once again Mr.Nisar Ahmed.

    Ghulam Hussain
    Passu Gojal Hunza.

  2. Thanks for the appreciation. I think everyone of us has to play our role via our profession.I have always got guidance from my teachers like Sir Rahim and it is still a long way to go.Some people tried to discourage me that the film is controversial butcould not explain to me clearly.I will always work for the interest of my area and where ever humanity suffers. Once again thanks for the your support.

    Nisar Ahmed

  3. Very very nice movie by Nisar, really sorry for my people of Great Hunza Valley, I visited hunza in 1998 and they are really nice and friendly people, There should be some inquiry in which govt should point out the responsible person of this disaster.

  4. First of all, this is very nice. You put some good work into the production.

    “Some people tried to discourage me that the film is controversial butcould not explain to me clearly.”

    I can explain why- You present some issues that are not particularly well-established. For example, your claims about the NDMA are probably true, but the sources of the data were not clearly established. Did you personally attend the meetings, or did the information come from other sources? Moving forward beyond that, another factor is that there wasn’t much balancing. Even if the NDMA did make some errors in suggesting how quickly the situation would be resolved, it’s unclear as to why there was such a large error in their estimates. There is an inference that the NDMA is being intentionally deceptive. It may be true, but why?

    Things that would make it a little less controversial:

    1. More sources of information.
    2. Historical responses of the NDMA in the Hunza region.
    3. Responses of the NDMA in other areas.
    4. More on the impact on the Chinese.

    1. I appreciate JP that you commented very fruitfully.We filmmakers try to show things visulally and with authencity and that is our strength.As it is obvious by the reports of FOCUS that NDMA was well aware of the situation in 2002. Yes, this is the point to be consider and ponder over that then why it was so reluctant in this regard.The fake promises by Gen.Farooq is on the screen where he has always to persuade the people of the area that the problem is not that complicated.I remember Asma Jahangir statement in a press conference where she quoted Gen Farooq where he has said” Hunza wale alu kaane wale qoum hain aur baatu ko boht exaggerate karte hain”I tried to find the video clip of that statement but could not find it .Sometimes we get information orally but if dont get the authencity we cannot put it in the documentary.I accept that there are many things which should be documented and should be put in the form of documentary and I hope I will come up with new film and with different perspective soon.
      Once again thanks for for the ellobration and nice comment.

      Nisar Ahmed

  5. Fantastic job done by Nisar !!!!
    Keep it up
    God bless you 🙂

    Sajida Khan
    Ghulkin (USA)

  6. You have done a great job with your team members to make it a worthy documentary, perfect V/O with appropriate SOTs in sequence makes it more interested.

  7. well done Nisar, this presentation will make unhappy the responsible orgs. but this is the fact what u have presented.

  8. Ga Job done. Thumbs up for you and your team mates. It is a very good movie based on the ground realities.

  9. superb effort bro..its a nut shell summary of d disaster.very well documented.d various clips dicotoed makes it really tempting. the voice could have been more clear nd pichy…bt overall very well done.

  10. Exellent documentry,keep it up.You people are doing a great job.
    Best of Regards,

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