Boat mafia aggravating condition of the helpless commuters at Hunza Lake

A female commuter faints after hours of waiting in an idle boat as the operators refused to travel upstream

PT Report

Islamabad, June 28: The boat service reopened to facilitate stranded people of Gojal Valley seems to have turned into a profitable exploitative business model for a mafia of boat owners and operators.

Higher charging, delays in boat operations and misbehavior with the helpless commuters are some of the charges leveled by commuters against the boat operator. “The authorities have left us at the mercy of smugglers”, a commuter told Pamir Times the other day. “Only the illegal traders are reaping benefits of the service. Normal passengers are made [slideshow]to wait for hours at the landslide debris”, he further said. The boat operators also routinely misbehave with the commuters.

According to information most of the boat operators are non-locals who have no regard for sufferings of the stranded people.

A woman belonging to Chipursan valley fainted in front of PT’s reporter when the operators refused to ferry the commuters to upstream valley despite of making them wait for hours. The transportation of goods to upstream valleys continued without hindrance during the episode.

It seems that the authorities are more concerned about the transportation goods of tax-thieves than the people of Gojal.

On many occasions smugglers have snatched the boats and ferried goods to upstream valley, as authorities kept watching.

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  1. aj k pics dekh k muje rone ko araha .me apni in maa behnu se mafi mang ta hn ki me ap logo k liye kuch nai krsakta.kaaash kuch mere bas me hota… qoom soyi hoyi hai in ki fikar sogayi in ki moot hogayi beshaoor log hn….khod garzi,me dobi hoyi qoom hosh me nai ki wo doob rahi hai …koi burushoo bn k hai to koi gojali koi shinaki…koi shiya bna howa hai to koi suni to koi ismaili in me muje koi insan nazr nai aaraha…….jab attaabad ka waqiya howa to mazhabi halqe kehne lage ki khuda ki nafarman qoom thi aysa hona hi tha..or jab gojal doob raha hai to ye samaaj keh raha hai acha howa gojal waloon ko gayrat aye gi.ab jab jell fate ga to ye hosh me aye gi na ye nafarman thi na ye koi gojali doob raha tha ,ye to insan thy jo doob rahi thy……in tasverroon ko dekhne k baad b koi raat ko sukoon ki neend saota hai to mosulman kya insan b nai darinda hai wo darinda……..aysi qoom ko badohayi nikalti,khoda kre jeel ek sat fat jaye or puri glt/bln ko ek sat baha legaye,taki seerey se hi koi nayi nasal abad ho…..
    long live revolution

  2. A True Example of Failed Government……

    May God bring them to Justice and Protect us all!


  3. No one can feel the sufferings of these innocent people. The whole world is watching this cruel,unjust,inhumane,selfish and mean behavior of the GB administration.

    May Allah save us all from these “Darindey” Amen!

  4. My request to all people of Gojal to avoid travelling these days.
    Please travel in dire need.
    May Allah save us.

  5. I find the photos very informative but I regret Zulfiqar ‘Khunjerab” is not posting videos on Youtube anymore.

    The issue of transportation in particular is of great interest. I have only had brief glimpses in videos of boats extremely overloaded with merchandise, and boats transporting people and vans, and vans being loaded onto boats, but only as a side-note to the main subject. Now we (outside Gojal) learn of the abusive treatment of villagers by boat captains. All this deserves serious coverage.

    Please Zulfiqar get back to your video camera!

  6. Dear all
    It is the responsibility of each and every one that is from Gojal to make a rule that first people and next if there is space and time comes the goods,,,

    Why we have to say that the admin of Gilgit has to do , who are they Mohad Ali Akther the head of all the smugglers, the Polic the brother of Smugglers ,

    Guys its time to get up and to the dead leaders , who are only to speak in time of convention and prosession , they should act on time when they need ,

    STOP all GOOD Transportation, just dont allow them they will use force , and then the adminstartion will come and ask why you did that , and so the point will be made ..

    That is the only solution, and nothing ales

  7. very disgusting. as if the situation of the lake is realy dangerous, then no any boat should be allowed to travel to upstream for only smugled goods if its behaving like this and also it is looking a shameful act for NDMA as there boats are looking just to take care of the other smuged boats. people also need minimum travel until proper arrangements are not made

  8. Why do we think the boat service was reopened for the people, It was opened on the pressure of those smugglers (siting MLAs of Gilgit Baltistan) whose smuggled goods needed urgent transportation and they want the new consignments of drugs transported into China.

    They may have paid huge amount in bribe to get permission for reopening of boat service. The whole GB government is run by them.

  9. Our people should not be left at the mercy of these scavengers, instead the local administration and FWO officials should supervise the boat services.

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