UNHCR constructing temporary shelter houses for Attabad IDPs

UNCHR staff training local people for construction of temporary shelter houses in Altit. PT Photo

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  1. Finally UNHCR is reached…..I was curios about lack of attention by international Organizations like UNHCR, etc……

  2. the Shelter seems not planned according to the harsh winter in Hunza in a freezing weather…UNHCR should plane according to the upcoming winter weather….these kins of shelter can be used in summer but not in winter..

  3. What we call to this? I am asking you all readers, keep yourself in position of Attabad victims and what will be your response on it, we are facing this problem since 2002 to till now , no one come to assist us, no one come to raise the voice of victims , in what condition the victims of attabad live in schools God only knows better, the Government identify to palaces for temporary shelter houses Doonaadas and area In Nasir abad . Now there is no any alternative option for us …but we are loooking forward the leaders and youth of Huzna that what they decide for us , how they play their role…..this decisions not suitable for the victims …

    MM Qizill

  4. why is AKPBS not building houses or shelter. why are they not making re-habilitation plans.?

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