Discharge through spillway reaches 11200 Cusecs, another bridge on KKH submerged

Satellite image of the recently submerged portion of KKH

PT Report

Gilgit, June 24: Water flow through spillway of the dammed Hunza River has reached approximately 11200 Cusecs. The total discharge measured at Ganish Bridge is around 12000 Cusecsc, including water mixing from torrents and seepages.

FWO continued increasing width of the spillway by using controlled explosions and an excavator.

The huge boulder near mouth of the spillway has been blasted away, according to confirmed reports, while more blasts have also been carried out on the left and right banks of the spillway.

The water inflow has also increased manifolds due to melting of glaciers as temperatures rise in the valley.

9.7 inch water rise has been recorded in upstream villages. 12 new households in Gulmit and Shishkat have been registered as IDPs.

Another bridge on the KKH, located between Chamangul and Laksh – two wards of Gulmit Village, has been caused to submerge.

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  1. There is something wrong with this: “The water inflow has also increased manifolds due to melting of glaciers as temperatures rise in the valley.”


  2. There is an urget need to increase the outflow of water. Inflow is expected to be increased marginally as the july will start. previous data shows that june and july will bring maximum water in the river and may be this time it is july and then august. If this out flow is not increased then possibly from seepage site number 5 and 6 the lake will bust down at any time bringing disaster to villages downstream. The most effected areas will be Nomal and Sikandarabad area. There is an urgent need to widen the outflow area and at this stage increase in water level in the lake must be avoided at all cost.

  3. Dear Pamir Times Team, Plz post some pictures of resent situation in shishkat and gulmit. I very much appreciate your kind and continous efforts to update us about our motherland.

  4. Seemingly the follow at the barrier is owing to the increase in upstream inflow.
    Against all the expectations; blasting of the boulders at the barrier end to ease the flow is seen as futile effort.

    Ironically; NDMA is also keeping mum on it. Looks like; Attabad lake is now there to stay…. Better start thinking of a Attbad dam now.

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