Police salaries doubled in GB

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Gilgit, June 26: Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan has announced 100 % increment in salaries of GB Police. He announced the increment during yesterday’s budget debate on floor of the house.

Earlier the finance minister had announced 50% increase in salaries of all government employees but thousands of policemen and women protested across GB demanding doubling of their salaries.

The decision has been hailed by officials of the police department who have also distributed sweets to celebrate 100% salary rise.

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  1. well at least Good News to few Gojalies
    Including, Aziz Jon(Moorkhun) Sarfarz form (Goz- Shehid) Hawaldar Mir Shupun From Hussiani . and few other that Im unable to name them due to some problem.

    well atleast Sarfarz will buy a new set of Tach for his entertainmant ….

    best of luck to Pol-less

  2. It is not understandable why the CM so soon approved and announced 100% increment in the salary of police department in Gilgit-Baltistan. Some will argue that it was necessary as in the rest of the provinces of the country the salary of police was raised by 100%. While comparing the salaries of the police in GB with other provinces some facts should have been considered.

    In GB the police department is much at ease as compared to other provinces. There existing salaries were even higher than what they do. The crime rate in GB almost equals zero and police have very little to worry about law and order situation.

    Terrorism has been a big issue in other provinces, where the police have to remain alert throughout day and night. Police have been the target of terrorist attacks in many places in Khyber-PakhtoonKhawa and Punjab and police have performed heroically in face of the terrible situation. The police department in those provinces well deserve 100% increase.

    There are drug Mafia, violent groups, robbers and looters, ethnic and many other kind of miscreants in other provinces; and GB, by the grace of God is free from such elements and police do not have any real challenge.

    Currently the unprecedented development of media has exposed police to more accountability, which has increased the burden on the shoulder of police and their responsibilities have increased many folds, but again it is true about other provinces of Pakistan and not about GB.

    In recent years, the police (which is of course, still the number 1 corrupt is in Pakistan!) has set many examples of sacrifice and bravery, which has resulted in recognition of their services and resultantly they have been given 100% increment. We do not have any of these examples from GB police, so do they deserve this increase?

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