Images from the disaster hit Gulmit village

Images: Afzal Khan

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  1. Thank you very much Afzal Bhai. this is what we had not thought about. I appriciate you contribution you do every time to up date all the out of station people. once again than you very much . Pleases keep it continue for us.


  2. dear Afzal and PT
    thank you
    we appriciate your contribution
    Pleases keep it
    with best regards

  3. My very respectable & sweet brother,

    These images are amazing. I learned how much we all have lost. I also believe we need to learn from this experience that we should not take anything granted. Therefore, we should respect our place, our people and our area because we do not know what would happen to us down the road.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful images with us, who do not or cannot visit our place for various constraints but our thoughts, prayers and emotions, are always connected with all those (including you) who suffered,. Since we live like a family in our community so we all have suffered and have been suffering (wherever we are) but let us make this relationship as our strength and our good tradition alive to stand for ourselves and for our area.

    Warmest greeting to everyone at home and the community.


  4. thanks Afzal bhai for sharing these pictures. May God bless u and ur family.

  5. It is a very good thing you have done bringing these photos and the tragedy they show to the attention of the world.

    I hope the brave people of Hunza and Gojal know how many people around the world are keeping them in their prayers and thoughts.

    Thank you for sharing

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