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Around 50 people killed by floods in Skardu and Ghanche district of Gilgit – Baltistan

PT Report Islamabad, August 7: More than 50 people are reportedly killed in different parts of Skardu and Ghanche district due to flash floods triggered by a fresh spell of heavy rain. According to sources a village named Qamrah, located near Skardu city, was hit by a flash flood resulting...

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Fresh floods inflict more damage in Ghizar disrict

Government neglecting the worst hit district by Noor Akbar Gahkuch, August 7: Lightening and flash floods triggered by torrential rains washed away 12 houses in Damas and 10 houses in Birgal villages of Punial rendering hundreds of people homeless, without food and clean drinking water. Flash floods have also destroyed...

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K2: Sky- skier Fredrik Ericsson in fatal accident

After speaking with Fredrik’s father and Gerlinde, Ralf Dujmovits has released on his expedition website details about Fredrik Ericsson’s fall on K2: Fredrik, Trey and Gerlinde left camp 4 at around 01:30 am this morning. Because of the worsening weather, the other 6 mountaineers remained in their tents. Karl Gabl,...

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Senate seeks report regarding recent floods

Islamabad, August 06: The upper house of Parliament the senate sought  information from the Gilgit-Baltistan chief secretary about the damage and losses due to monsoon rains and floods and the funds required for relief activities and rehabilitation of the infrastructure. The office of leader of the Upper House of the...

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