Around 50 people killed by floods in Skardu and Ghanche district of Gilgit – Baltistan

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Islamabad, August 7: More than 50 people are reportedly killed in different parts of Skardu and Ghanche district due to flash floods triggered by a fresh spell of heavy rain.

According to sources a village named Qamrah, located near Skardu city, was hit by a flash flood resulting in death of at least 39 people. Tens of people are missing, according to sources.

Deputy Commissioner of Skardu, Dr. Chauhan has been reported as saying that search and rescue operations are in progress in the affected area.

12 people were reportedly killed in Talis village of Ghanche district due to floods.

The tragic incidents in Ghanche and Skardu have shook the entire Gilgit – Baltistan region and people from all parts have expressed sympathies with the affected families and urged the government to provide immediate relief to the injured and displaced people.

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