Gais village in Diamir washed away, over 50 people feared dead

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Chilas, August 11: A deadly flash flood triggered by lightening washed the entire Gais Bala village comprising of around 300 houses, located near Chilas, 3 kilometer away from Gonar farm village, in the vicinity of Chilas. Over 50 people are feared dead in the second deadliest natural calamity of Gilgit – Baltistan’s history.

According to details a flooded torrent was blocked due to landslides triggered by severe lightening resulting in blockage of the water flow. After some time the blockage collapsed while most of villagers were were asleep a huge wave of water came down the mountains washing away the entire village. The death toll is likely to increase further, according to informed circles.

Access to the Gais village is severed due to collapse of a bridge that connected Gonar Farm village to the Karakuram Highway.

Pakistan Army officials have started search and rescue operations in the region this morning. According to informed sources 26 bodies had been recovered by noon while the injured were shifted by Pakistan Army choppers to nearby hospitals. Opposition leader in Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly, Basheer Ahmed Khan, had yesterday night said that more deaths will occur if the injured are not rescued.

Fear has gripped the entire Gilgit – Baltistan due to increase in frequency of natural disaster since January 4, 2010 when a landslide at Attabad had blocked flow of the Hunza River, killing 19 people. The death toll in Gilgit – Baltistan during 2010 natural disaster has increased to 150 which is unprecedented in the region’s history.

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