About the skiing Wali sisters

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Amna and Afra Wali created history by winning Gold and Bronze medals at the South Asian Games, in skiing competitions. Many people, although appreciative of the teenagers’ feat, don’t know much about them.

According to information obtained by Pamir Times through family sources, the skiing teenagers are daughters of Colonel Amjad Wali Khan, son of Raja Ghulam Wali Khan. Amna and Afra are nieces of Admiral Mumtaz Wali Khan. The family is currently settled in Gilgit city but originally hails from Damas village of Punial, Ghizar.

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  1. I am proud on the achievements of Amna and Afra. I congratulate them and their family on achieving such high positions on international level. I admire their courage and perseverance to attain such heights in a difficult sport like skiing. I also congratulate Colonel Amjad Wali Khan and Admiral Mumtaz Wali Khan for raising such admirable children. Keep it up Wali sisters and you have our support.

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