Repatriation of Hunza Lake IDPs will complete soon

A resident of Salmanabad Hunza returning to his village. Image: Zulfiqar AliKhan

PT Report

Gilgit, August 22: The government of Gilgit – Baltistan has almost copmplted repatriation of the people evacuated from downstream areas of the dammed Hunza River.

Camps in district Gilgit and Hunza – Nagar are being closed gradually because the threat of dam burst has not come true, as feared.

The people of Salmanabad (locally known as Ghamesarat), a village in proximity of the devastated Attabad, have also been repatriated from a relief camp established at government Intermediate College, Karaimabad Hunza.

The repatriated people are excited about returning to their homes and native villages after spending months in relief camps away from the banks of Hunza River.

Displaced people, including those of Attabad, Sarat and three villages of Gojal valley will have to stay in the relief camps until a solution is found for their rehabilitation.

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