[Pictory] GISAK Eid reunion in Karachi

Images: Israr Ahmed, Tanveer (PSA) and Irfan

Karachi, September 13 (Press Release): An Eid gathering organized by the Gojal Ismailia Students Association Karachi (GISAK) was attended by around one thousand children, women and men belonging to different villages of Gojal Valley. The gathering was also attended by leadership of the Ismaili regional council for Karachi and Baluchistan along with other dignitaries.

The program comprised of various co-curricular and entertainment items performed by male and female students. A speech competition was held for grade 8-12 students. Mehtab Shah, Khyber, won the speech competition while Hassina Sulaiman, Hussaini, and Wajahat Ullah Baig, Chipursan, clinched the second and third positions, respectively.

The speakers appreciated Karima Ali Bahadur, Chairman of GISAK, and his team for successfully organizing the event after a long period of time. GISAK’s professional work manners were also highly appreciated by the speakers.

Chairman of GISAK had earlier welcomed the guests and also presented ten months progress report. He also narrated the future plan set by GISAK for betterment of the Karachi based student community of Gojal valley.

Towards the end Didar Alam, Honorary Secretary of GISAK, presented the vote of thanks.

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  1. dear editor eid mubarak to u and all reader of pamirtimes .we are also having gojali stases so pl dont ignore us .misgar is a back boun of gojal so next time pl inform all gojalies not waki people,

  2. It was really a good program organized by GISAK attended by more then expected people from all villages of Gojal. There is nothing b/w Burushi & Wakhi, even i’m Burusho and attended the same. The program was already advertised by village representatives of all villages in GISAK, I would definitely deny your comments Mr. Shahid. If you were not aware of the program then it’s mistake of your village representative rather then GISAK. Please avoid these discrimination which have already been destroyed our Valley.

  3. First of all EID MUBARAK to all gojalies from my side. That is the first program in karachi which i have attended and i am really impressed. That will be a souvenir program in my all life. I much appreciate these kind of rejoining events and i have some request which i wanna share to the GISAK representatives that is about me and may the other pupils of gojal, along with these events please conduct some different program for gojal students like as, career council ling, science exhibition, skills development and some different from which students are profitable …… i hope this will be considered under GISAK organization.

  4. Dear Karim Misgari,
    This is very bad that u request them for ur participation in this prog. You should be proud to be a Hunzukuch. U r not a ( Gojali) Wakhi speaking. I dont like ur statement and i would suggest don do this next time.

    Karim Hunzai

  5. Dear All,
    Respected Alwaz Nasir Karim, National ITREB Pakistan was the special guest speaker. By mistake his name is not mentioned in the news. Sorry sir.

    Karim Ali Bahadur

  6. @ Karim Hunzai; For your kind information Gojali is not an ethnic group, it is a geographic one, that include all three ethnic groups living in Gojal Hunza, that are Wakhis, Burushaski speakers and Domaki speakers. About Hunzukutz I am not sure, because that word is in Burushaski and i dont understand Burushaski.

  7. Eid Mubarak to all of gojalies. GISAK has proved through this program.
    I am congratulating to the GISAK president and his team on great efforts.

  8. dear readers it not a criticize any one its just for realty soo pl i proved gojali .its my identity .

  9. Its really nice too see such a nice gathering of the whole Gojal ……… Salute to GISAK for arranging such a beautiful gathering after a long break. Its pretty difficult to arrange such events in security risk era .
    I will prefer to go with the positive, optimistic and neutral thoughts ………. we have to come out of these cruel, limited and sick thoughts ……..we have to accept and respect the realities rather then impose your own ……… so better come together and help each other in the chaos kind of situation.

    keep going the team of GISAK and wish u all the best

  10. dear shahid , that was just eid programme not wakhi cultural programme ,if u are not informed about programme the responsibility of your village representative,i am candam of karim hunzai statement Gojal is not ethnic Name just geographical name we are proud of Gojal.

    Munir Aman Rumi AKU KARACHI

  11. eid muborak… first of all i would like to con grate Mr karim Bahadur for reviving, the dead GISAK, if it was dead it was just bcoz of the dearth of leadership, and this dearth of leadership was persisting for many years.. i am hope full that in the coming years some real leaders will lead GISAK, not those who creates differences among people. we will warmly welcome and support those who will unite the people of gojal. bcoze it is the need of the time to be unite..
    @ karim Hunzai…. dear karim hunzai, all the people residing at gojal r gojali it doesn’t matter weather they speak burshaski or wakhi, we are all gojali..

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