[SPORTS] Hussaini wins All Gojal Cricket Tournament held in Passu

By Israr Ahmed Salahuddin

Passu, September 22: Shah Talib Club of Hussaini village has won the All Gojal Circket tournament held at Passu, Gojal. The final match was played between Passu and Hussaini.

The tournament had been organized by the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board.

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  1. Congrats to the youth of Sisooni.

    I think sportsmanship starts after you have won a competition. Spirit is the key, which has always to be kept really high at every time, wether it is high or low.

    Our youth are full of spirit, all we need to do is guide them towards the right direction and whoever have found it, have excelled.

    Keep the SPIRIT UP!

  2. well done Hussaini team and i congratulate every member of the team for their team effort.

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