Network of Gojal based LSOs launched

Representatives of different LSOs meeting at AKRSP's Emergency Filed Office in Gulmit to formally launch the Gojal Local Support Organizations' Network (GOLSON). Rashid was appointed as chairman of GOLSON, Meher Kamil as vice-chair and Karamat Shah as Secretary. The network will comprise of Mountain Area Support Organization (MAS0), Gojal Rural Support Organization and Chipursan Local Support Organization

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  1. I congratulate you all and thanks to AKRSP to start this useful step in this area and i hope that every one will take a benefit from this network (GOLSON).
    Jamhoor Shah

  2. Its a very good inception, but how to pave it to work and co-ordination for working relations, databases and shairing of experiences and knowledge ud be a challange for the USER and initiaters.

    My special Congratulations for the Team and Management of AKRSP

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