BNSO Rawalpindi elects new cabinet

Office bearers and members of BNSO Rwp/Isb division

Press Release

Islamabad, October 25: Rawalpindi/Islamabad unit of the Balawaristan National Students Organization (BNSO) elected its new cabinet in a meeting held at the Commercial Areas, Pindi.

Shahid has been elected president, Kashif vice-president and Abbas has become the unit’s new general secretary.

The new office bearers pledged maximum support for the party manifesto and expressed confidence in leadership of BNF’s supreme leader, Nawaz Khan Naji.

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  1. The new cabinet and members are most welcome. we are hopeful that they might struggle for the basic and legitimate rights of peolple of GB. They should fight to eradicate the so-called divisions, ethical, ethinic, linguistic and territorial, ignited by “ANGELS” i.e Agencies. It is hoped that the new cabinet would never be the Puppets of agencies.

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