Scouts selected for presidential award

A group photo of the scouts who have competed for different awards. FKB Photo

Gilgit, November 6: Five scouts have qualified to receive various awards based on their overall performance as well the results of a written test.

According to results Master Zahid Ali Khan of the Ismaili District Boy Scout Association (IDBSA) has qualified to receive the Presidential Gold Medal among the Shaheen Scouts. Similarly, Muhammad Saleem of the IDBSA has qualified for the Presidential Gold Medal Award among the Boy Scouts.

Those qualifying for the Chief Commissioner Award are Irfan Abidi (Sakrdu), Waqas Ahmed (Diamir), Nisar Ali (Gilgit) and Sher Nadir (Ghizar).

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  1. being a Gilgiti I Salute and Proud on you guys but i want to say that here some groups i founds they are making a propaganda about Gb i don’t know why govt is not looking or why govt is silent on these things ?
    because, they are trying to show Gb as a part of kashmir which is not true.
    we are not we have a separate culture,languages,way of life etc etc in every thing even in faces and colors too we are change from them.
    so, kindly my appeal and request to all Gbianz to not to support these kashmiries jackals and should safe their selfs and also identity we are a land lock province so Pakistan have beaches like Gawadar and Karachi so we should stay with Pakistan instead of kashmir because we are a small area with too much resources if we get consitutional status then we will really enjoy our natural resources because kashmir is a small area and land lock too. we cannot stay any more for kashmir to solve already they waste our 65 years our three genarations waste because of them…………
    no more………..


    SHER NADIR … its been my pleasure to see you in the list of award winning scouts.. congrats & best of luck for your bright future also 🙂


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