Iqbal Day being observed today

Dr. Iqbal is known as “the Poet of the East”. He played an important role in creation of Pakistan. His philosophical poetry has been a source of inspiration for millions of people who can understand Urdu and Persian. He was born on November 9, 1877. He is also the nation poet of Pakistan.

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  1. Hum ne Iqbal ka kaha mana
    Aur faqay ke hathoon mertay rahe
    Jhuknay waloon ne rafatain payain
    Hum khudi ko baland kerte rahe

  2. it is good that we received identity from great thinking of allama iqbal. the six provinces are uniting, this was the idea of allama. especially, gilgit is connected with pakistan more than ever with air, highway now thru shina news on ptv. two great leaders[ allama iqbal mohammad ali jinnah]. two cities karachi lahore have give airport names to these great leaders. we are moving ahead let us unite instead be selfish and divided. allama vision should be encouraged by every youth, this way we can emerge powerful with unity.

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