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Make Gilgit-Baltistan a province, the CE demands from Chairman

Gilgit, 22 April: The Chief Excecutive of Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, Mr Ghazanfar Ali Kkhan blamed the Musharraf administration for cheating the people of Gilgit-Batlitstan with cosmetic measures in the name of constitutional package, like renaming of the NALC to NALA.

He said that only the heirarchies and names had been changed in the house and no real power was given to the elected representatives of the two million inhabitants of the region.  He further said that senior bureaucrats from other parts of the country were not aware of, or interested in, solving the issues faced  people of the region. He deplored the ‘importing’ of ACs and DCs from other provinces of the country who, he said, were in no way better than local officers. He said that the issues of this region can be decreased by declaring it the fifth province of Pakistan and giving it an empowered constitutional status.  [Translation of excerpts from Daily K2]

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  1. A man who remaind very close to Musharaf and of course loyal is now blaming… what does it mean…… there should be no room for such politician in the parties those strongly believe on democracy

  2. Mr ghazanfar Ali Khan would you please stop butuering and making the innocent people fool. What do you think people will believe in you?Even today we have the respect for the throne of Mir so please act like a Mir and make some room that people will respect you. The game played till now is quite enough.

    AAJ TV

  3. Change of traditional color, one thing Ghazanfer should keep in mind before giving any statement or the statements given by his secretaries, People of Gilgit -Baltistan are now matured. You have no choice to sit in PML N or very hard to join PPPP. I would recommend to open a tea shop in Karimabad and spend your rest of life peacefully.

  4. Mr. Ghazanfar, just stop exercising “LOTACRACY”, which has been practised for last some years. You were the one who announced that, Mr. Musharaf has blessed me with the Executive powers. Now what’s wrong with you? What are your future plannings?
    Mr. Ghazanfar, This is not 1908, its 2008. Mr Deputy Chief Executive, forget your past and do not expect any cooperation or assistance from HUNZUKUTZ or AHEL-E- SHUMAL, they have assessed you many times. So, just stop your LOTACRACY.

    Karamat Ali Shako

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