Arundhati Roy in Karachi

by Nur

Arundhati Roy is a celebrated fiction writer who had made waves across the globe with her novel, “God of small things”; a story that dealt with ‘sensitive’ topics, like race, religion and love. She has, lately, turned into a mammoth social activist using her wit, wisdom and dexterity with words to thrash

Arundhati Roy
Arundhati Roy

aspiring “empires”, be that of the US or India.

She visited Karachi, last Friday, on the invitation of an NGO. At Karachi press club she attended a program organized by a group of ‘feminist’ NGOs against Talibanization of the country. While speaking she said that her objective of visiting Pakistan was to understand ‘what exactly do you mean when you use the term Taliban”. She cautioned the audience to ‘not simplify what is complex and not complicate what is simple’.

Her opposition of the Narmada Valley Dam, a project that had jeopardized life and property of millions of impoverished communities in India, speaks volumes for her objectivity and determination. It is pertinent to note here that her frank statements rebuking the Indian brutalities in Indian occupied Kashmir had irked millions across India, including powerful politicians and opinion leaders.

Later, she addressed a press conference in which she said that future wars will be fought for water. She lamented the military activity on Siachin glacier, saying the glacier had reduced in size because of global warming, as well as military activity being carried out by the Indian and Pakistani armies. Responding to a question she said that the Indian establishment is as contaminated by the RSS (Rashtrya Sevak Sangh), as the Pakistani establishment is with pro – Taliban, Wahabi, forces.  

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  1. The bold witty and lady of the subcontinent, that unveiled the most hidden part of the life’s that we the Eastern hid under the sigma of religious Culture. She with great beauty reviled what is actually our standing and Why. How life is spent unnoticed.
    She painted our life with the brush of experiences dipped in the colour of “stream of consciousness” telling the world about real and simple but dangerous ways that lead us to many unsaid and unexplored dilemmas which no one can change run from because that is the system, that the practice that the culture that many trust many cant survey. This is the reality,
    Her story is present in every culture, society and sect, which no one can deny, and if a no then it’s a lie. It is story present in every street.

  2. stop this piracy. cutting and pasting news with only additiion of your name. very very ufair….

  3. Dear Mr Original (Xamy)

    Please show me the “original source”, from which this article/photograph has been ‘cut and pasted’.


  4. Yes it is not to sane enough for any culture to go towards simplifying things. Things will be complex and thus they need to be ordered well. I guess I have her writings on Dam Protest but somehow I can’t find them anymore :s

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