Chilas: EDIP project dissemination seminar held

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A dissemination seminar about the three years project Educational Development and Improvement Program (EDIP)  in 11 schools of  Diamer district was conducted in Chilas. This seminar was attended by about 200 participants including Deputy Director DoE Diamer, head teachers, PDTs, teachers, community members, boy scouts, and media personnel. The seminar was presided over by Mr. Hidayatullah, the Deputy Director Diamer district while Mr. Sultan Alam, the Senior Instructor AKU-IED, PDCN led the programme as chief guest.

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LRS Head welcomed all the participants in the dissemination seminar. Mr. Sultan Alam, the Senior Instructor AKU-IED, PDCN then highlighted the overall EDIP intervention process. He shared about the initiation of EDIP in all districts and the approaches of EDIP while its implementation phase. He further explained about the training programmes conducted at PDCN, AKU-certified CE and CPE programmes, and other physical rich resources provided to district Diamer during the whole intervention period. He also added that the dissemination seminar was arranged to communicate  the activities carried out during EDIP intervention and to inform the community members about the sustainability of EDIP project, as the project has come towards its ending. The participants were also provided an opportunity to ask questions regarding EDIP project and its sustainability and Mr. Sultan responded accordingly.


SMC Chairmen Mr. Meraj and Munawwar in their brief speeches informed the participants about their positive roles to bring improvement measures in the much needed context of GB. They highlighted the need to join their hands to improve schools and search for other educational systems to sustain the project activities. They also requested the school heads and teachers to remain intact with the team in bringing improvement reforms. They also requested the Deputy Director to apply certain measures to sustain the EDIP project in Diamer district, by offering their volunteer services, where required.

Mr. Hidayatullah, the Deputy Director DoE Diamer highlighted the coordination mechanism between AKU-IED, PDCN and DoE Diamer. He appreciated the efforts carried out by Dr. Mola Dad Shafa and his team in initiating the EDIP project in Diamer district. He articulated that the proverb “right person for the right job” can be practically seen at PDCN. He thanked PDCN and whole team members for their stunning efforts in bringing improvement measures in Diamer district. He informed the participants that PDCN has accomplished its role, now this is the time for the Diamer district stakeholders to own the project and come up with sustainability measures, for that they need to work as a team.

Mr. Sultan Alam, the Senior Instructor, in his concluding remarks thanked all the participants gathered in the concluding seminar. He appreciated the efforts of DoE Diamer, Deputy Director, religious scholars (Ulema), headteachers, teachers, community members, students and other participants for their support, involvement and their efforts during the whole intervention period.



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