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[Pictory] Child labor in Gilgit – Baltistan


UNICEF defines child labour as work that exceeds a minimum number of hours, depending on the age of a child and on the type of work. Such work is considered harmful to the child and should therefore be eliminated.
  • Ages 5-11: At least one hour of economic work or 28 hours of domestic
    work per week.
  • Ages 12-14: At least 14 hours of economic work or 28 hours of domestic
    work per week.
  • Ages 15-17: At least 43 hours of economic or domestic work per week.

Based on this globally accepted Unicef definition, how do you see the state of child labor in Gilgit – Baltistan?

Let’s discuss.

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  1. might be the only bread winner for a family of large number folks, should some one came farward and help this boy, i am sure nobody have the curage, there is a lot more boys woking in many odd situations.

  2. one should not look towards the government as its very existence in the region is disputed and debatable but why such images have became a normal routine in the NGO hub called Gilgit-Baltistan? contractors of NGOs wake up!

  3. Alas These childern would be the Saifu Rahman Shaheeds , Imran Khans,Ali Mueen Nawazishs Izhar Ali Hunzai s and Zulfiqar Ali Khans and Nazir Sabirs of Pakistan .Alas they are selling Pakodas,The heart bleeds and what our society is doing.We hope that the heros like Abdul Sattar Edhi,, Justice Chaudary Iftikhar and Izhar Ali Hunzai will give attention to the problem and solve it on grassroot level

    Sher Ali

  4. According to UNICEF statistics, an estimated 158 million children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labour.
    Child labour is a global issue and this picture shows that northern areas of Pakistan is also not free from this painful social problem, i am not sure if this child is a local of GB or not but even if not but still the child labour exists in our part of the world and the reason might not be just one, there might be lots of reasons behind this, from poverty to illiteracy to economic hardship and many other domestic problems.
    There are number of provisions and laws in the constitution of Pakistan regarding child labour and unfortunately these laws and policies are always ignored not only in our country but globally as well, this is the supreme and sincere responsibility of the local administration and law enforcing agencies to make sure that the law is respected and is in place, if not, take necessary investigation and action against the perpetrators (individuals, organizations, groups) to protect the rights of the children.

    Nauroze Shah
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  5. I feel sorry for the plight children but i can understand why they work. therefore, i am against of all these hypocrites who work for NGOs and have lucrative jobs but campaign for abolition of child labour. by doing so they are robing the last opportunity that have to feed their families. Look at Navroz who is asking government to take action against those who employ children. can Navroz earmark some of his salary for these children? if not he should be silent. he is serving americans in Kabul but not aware of the fact that he is also treated as a child labour as compare to other american and european expatriate working in Afghanistan.
    Sher Ali could not find a better example and ideal for children and want to create these children in the image of people like Saifu Rahman Shaheeds , Imran Khans,Ali Mueen Nawazishs Izhar Ali Hunzai s and Zulfiqar Ali Khans and Nazir Sabirs. In part these are the people who are responsible for current state of our children. Instead of advising children to follow them Mr Sher Ali should ask these people to account for their failure to bring about change in the life of these children. there is lot of money in poverty. NGOs and Pakistan run their business by cashing the poverty. take these issues away what else our heroes like Izhar, Zulfiqar, Nazir Sabir and unknown figures like Mueen can do? Stop this patronizing attitude towards downtrodden people and let them fight their life and do not make them scapegoats for your NGOs. Long live hard work. alas but the funding of NGOs has short live.

  6. Noor and PT
    Time had aging picture and slogans against child labour have been exhibited in almost every aspect . That is an evil in the nation and the world, but never have been studies that mention why theses children are in such condition, why they don’t play and study but are forced to take charge of earning.
    Every one is interested to show sympathy by introducing sobbing picture making a question mark on nature and power sublime. But no one dare to go into the reality and try to find out a solution.
    I have see children who are the bread earner to their families, they are no more children but born elders, who are born with the responsibility and challenge to survive.
    If we can not do any thing for them, we should not portrait their picture of misery, pain and agony. They are more in life the people who are watching them; they don’t have any moment to watch.
    What we can do, NGO get money subjecting them and working on them with croco-tears and when the funds are used they are gone and life move on.
    Let them fight their war and life , let not their life more miserable by make them a sign of misery and suffering. They are the fighter and no the art to fight in the jungle.
    This is the real human who is trying to survive and beat the stage set to him by the Nature.

  7. Ayesho( don’t be shy of your original and real identity)
    Some of the basic and significant requirements which contribute to the development of a region or a nation in reducing poverty and let their people live a prosperous life are i think basic educational system, enhanced infrastructure, health facility, sound security , better economic opportunities in result of a sustainable economic policy, and Ayesho all these are the first and foremost responsibility of the government to provide not NGOs, and when a government fails to fulfill all her basic duties you will see more and more innocent children on the street working instead of going to the school like the one in the picture. As you rightly mentioned NGOs are short live, yes they are, one can not and should not expect everything from them and we will be no where if we are dependent on them.

    You have asked me to be silent, yes i will if that is the condition, because am not in the position to help each and everyone of these children, you have talked a lot and it seems you are running some interest free banks to help them, i will do what ever i can (let me tell you i am already doing as well within my capacity).


  8. child labour is a global issue and it needs to be tackled in the right way. it is the prime responsibility of the state to ensure that the basic provisions of life are provided to every individual citizen but unfortunately our leaders have turned a deaf ear to all such calls which automatically have ignited other evils in our society. For the remedial actions long term policies must be formulated as so far we have experienced the harsh results of the short lived actions. ( in the form of NGOs)
    one suggestion for those tasked with governing the region ( GB)!!!! please do not make mockery of the idea of the rule of law as many faces like the one above in the picture are waiting for your call lest they become prey to some banned organizations for the matter of their survival.

  9. Dear Readers
    Do not be amazed at comment like Shair Ali, Im not sure that why he has mentioned the names like Ali Mueen Nawazishs, Izhar Ali Hunzai, Zulfiqar Ali Khan and Nazir Sabirs. Actually my dear Shair must have not visited not even outside his street ever in his life that is why he gave a definition which circule his own pity dimension of loftiness and success. Mr Shair what is your definition of success or life, is it to be human or a dollar coin.
    All these names a good income earner for their wives and children and no more. They are earning for their lives and no more, what is so special about them that you have dreamed for the children to be like them. I think the boy in the picture is much much better the all these names thst you have mentioned, he is also earning with dignity and proud, and most of all he is above your dream people because is at least not part of your dream.
    And as for you I respect your vision but do not bar people on the bases of their income or salary but paries them on the bases of their humanity, money is a man made thing, which is not life but just means for life. But humanity is a world and is the maker which complete your life and it value. If have not understood try to study more you will agree if you are ………………..

  10. this is a world wide problem. and this is the mother of all problems such as terrorism and coruption. some peoples say that these childerns are fighters. but my question is that for what these childerns fight for? its just hunger and poverty.
    childerns are the future of a nation.if these childern waste their time in such type of activities then what about our nation’s future. we have to provide them affordable,relevent and required education to all of these childerns.
    there are some major reasons of causing so much child labor;
    lack of good schools and day care,
    lack of other services such as day care,
    family expectations and traditions,
    public attitudes that downplays the importance of education,
    abuse of child,
    limited choices for womens.

    child labor can only be reduced form our society if only five change took place:
    1: economic development that raised family income and living stantards.
    2: widespread,affordable,relevent and required education.
    3: enforcement of anti child labor laws along with compulsory education laws.
    4: changes in public attitudes that elevated the importance of education.
    5: family control of fertility so that families are not burdened by childerns.

    the most important question is how can ordinary peoples helps to reduce child labor from the society.
    there are many things that an ordinary person can do to reduce child labor from the society. for example, an ordinary person can learn abou the issur support orginizations that are raising awareness and providing direct help to indiviidual childerns.

    the solution of the problem is that as we know that every action has an opposite and equal reaction. so when there is a problem there must be a perfect solution for it.
    now here we discuss the solution of child labor. first solution for this problem is to increase family income and education level in the family, second solution is we have to provide social services to the families. third solution is family control of fertility.

    thanks for reading my comments.
    F.O sajjad ahmad

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