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Jan Ali: A Subaltern Voice

Ustad Jan Ali, as he is famously known in the region, has been equally popular among different age groups. By Aziz Ali Dad The condition of subalternity is a product of social, class, political and economic configuration, which allows a certain class to maintain its hegemony over society and groups...

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PML (N) workers criticize leadership for ‘ignoring’ them during Attabad IDPs cheques distribution ceremony

PT Report Gilgit, December 19: Ghazanfar Ali Khan has no place in Pakistan Muslim League. He supported a dictator (General Musharraf) during the last 8 years and did not utter a single word in favour of the exiled party leadership. His inclusion in PML (N) is not going to benefit...

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“A Garden in Shigar” is one of the competitors at an international film festival

By Tahereh Sheerazie ‘Women’s Voices Now is hosting Women’s Voices from the Muslim World: The Festival is a unique project that highlights pro-women voices from within the Muslim world and presents an unfiltered and honest account of these women’s stories–the experiences that shaped their lives, the challenges that must be overcome...

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