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“If Shias and Sunnis can say their prayer behind one Imam in Saudia, why can’t they do so in Gilgit”: Agha Rahat

PT Report Gilgit, December 22: The prominent Shia leader, Imam Juma-al-Jamat of the Central Shia Mosque in Gilgit city, has said that he is ready to say prayers behind a Sunni Imam. He proposed that on one Friday the Shias should pray behind a Sunni Imam and on another Friday...

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Young filmmaker Nisar Ahmed’s two documentaries among finalists at the Alpavirama 2011 Competition

PT Report Islamabad, December 21: Two documentaries directed by Nisar Ahmed, a young filmmaker hailing from Gilgit – Baltistan (Gojal, Hunza), are among the finalists at the Alpavirama 2011 – South Asia Short Films and Documentary Competition. The competition is being held in India under the aegis of the National...

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