Pakistan can benefit from Austrian tourism experience, says Deedar Ali

Deedar Ali is an ambitious young student, hailing from Gilgit – Baltistan, currently studying Tourism Management in Austria. With his enthusiasm and determination, Deedar was able to get a scholarship to complete the one year course in the European nation.

Just like his home region, Gilgit – Baltistan, Austria is also a landlocked country, sandwiched between Germany, Slovakia, Itlay and Switzerland, to  name a few. Austria is a global tourism giant, attracting billions of dollars of international tourism revenue.

“I am really impressed by the way Austrian tourism industry is contributing to its economy”, Deedar said while sharing his experience with Pamir Times. He also said that Pakistan has an outstanding tourism potential because its land is blessed with much some of the world’s highest mountains, large glaciers, lakes, vast deserts, flora, fauna, a sea and huge forest areas. “The diverse culture of Pakistan and its rich history is also an asset from tourism point of view”, Deedar further said.

Deedar blamed the political leadership and bureaucracy for not properly utilizing the tourism potential of the country. He said that tourism industry can bring stability of economy, if the environment is made conducive.

“Pakistan has plenty of touristic destinations and can offer much more to the diverse global tourism market”, he said. He asked the politicians and bureaucracy to learn from the Austrian model and contribute towards better economy, as well as image building of the nation. “The kind of resources that we have in Pakistan”, he again said, “can make us the world’s most attractive and vibrant tourism market”, he said.

Editor’s note: Deedar is based in Salzburg, Austria. He can be reached at or  0043-6889417085.

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  1. Deedar is quite true that Pakistan can benefit from Austrian tourism experience but rest assured it will never! In a country where Mulana Atta-ur-Rahman (younger brother of Mulana Fazl-ur-Rahman) was minister of tourism, one can imagine how tourism can promote! Mulana Saheb should have been given some other area of his competence and interest but the government installed him as minister of tourism and he did his best to eliminate whatever tourism was left in Pakistan. This also shows that how sincere the government is in promoting this sector.

  2. I think this is a very interesting story and if the leaders in Pakistan read this and heed to the advice,Pakistan will greatly benefit and the government should work tirelessly to see that the local people benefit from the natural various endowments that the country has.

  3. Pakistan does not need tourism, that was why a Taliban like Mullah was appointed its Federal Tourism Minister. What vision he would have given to the ministry and what message was given to the world by appointing him to this position.

    I personally do not see any seriousness by the government in future too, lets see who takes this important ministry this time?????????? Because here people do not take these positions to serve, rather to loot and plunder.”” Lutto tey Phutto””

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