Geo TV's documentary about Samina Khayal, Pakistan's first female mountaineer


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see a report about SAMINA,

posted by PAMIR TIMES on September 20, 2010


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  1. mashallah.. saminajan
    -pakistane shaan.
    shimshaal watan e dee !!
    samina khayal -roshan khyal – pride of shimshaal

  2. Juuu Naa Kaki,,, Giltaey Nom Nikhaley gey Aafareen…
    Hamain aap par fakhar he Aap ney GB ko Poori Duniya me Pehchan di, Shaan Bardaaey hamari Dharty ki.
    ALLAH Apko or Kamiyabi or Housla ata karey,,,

  3. congrats samina khayal fakhar e shimshal. hamay ap par fakhar hai ki ap na sab sapehla apna nam us k bad shimshal,gojal,hunza GB, oor pakistan ka nam rosshan kar diya. keep it up allah ap ki har mushkil assan karray.
    saudi arabai

  4. Excellent
    First of all heartiest congratulation on this great achievement which is a matter of proud for all of us. you set a trend which is the true reflection of the spirit of a strong community hopefully this will provide others a way to follow.
    Proud of you – proud of Hunza

  5. Congrats Samina:
    wow!! its just wonderful.. and we all appreciate your courage.. I just wish I was part of that team!!! Really we feel proud of you.. I also salute your brother and all family to support you.. Wish you all the success in life.. you are giving the world a positive message about Pakistani women..

    God Bless you and God bless our beautiful area.

    Sultana Aziz
    Washington, USA

  6. Exceptionly brilliant:–my sister
    This is something extraordinary,and unprecidented about a youth.Samina has set an example of great courage and assudity.Others ought to follow her determined motives in thier respective fields.
    While much of the mass has gone drowned into the nasty pool of modren technology-miss use of cell phones,insensible chatings and emotional hunting, others can and have set an example of being a being.
    Well Done samina

  7. well done samina we all proud of you on your achievement…the moment you subdued the peak and erected the two flags my eyes filled with tears….great job..i wanna dedicate the following quote to you…

    ”I was not afraid…I was born to do this.”

  8. Well done Samina,
    I salut your efferts, may mullah brings you more more and more success in the future. I salut specially to your family members and shimshal valley. this is we need an example for others across the GB and pakistan. we are proud of you….

    Salut to Mirza, Gul, Zulfi and Mehboob bahi……..

    Sher Karim
    Kingdom of Bahrain

  9. Dear Pamir Times and its very respected readers!
    i am very much pleased to read your valuable , encouraging ,moral booster comments and appreciations, i have had the faith to take the step with support of my family and interest of my sister! and had the hope that the people like you will support my little effort! i am very much pleased to see your kind responses ! there is no doubt that youth of GB are very talented and can never be beaten and have proven the guts in their respective field of interest!
    i couldn’t address every commentator individually but i extend my heartfelt thank you and RESPECT!
    i am also very much thankful to PAMIR TIMES for all the time sharing the good face of our region to foreign countries, its my prime aim to bridge the gape through adventure diplomacy to boost tourism in GB!
    i would appreciate if you you visit my Youth outreach program page and join me in future outdoor activities !

    the videos have also upload to our youth outreach site video gallery, interested people can read the aim of Pakistan youth outreach program and future projects!
    once again thank you my sister and brothers for your kind comments!
    Mirza Ali & Samina Baig

  10. Feel proud to see that one of our Gojalii sister Samina write her name in the history of Pakistan as being the First Lady Mountaineer, like in Pakistan, woman’s interests are limited as we can see that they are bound in there culture and out of any usual activity they can not go to do some thing new, Samina is the one who gave a lesson to all like they can do , if the have the determination and will to do… God bless you Samina, and wish there will be more like Samina in the future of Gojal, and Gilgit-Baltistan…!!!

    Thanks 🙂

  11. nice job dne by our sister samina…v all feel proud 2 hear d8 1 of our gojali sis hz done an amazing and difficult job….really appreciatable samina,keep it up…

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