Innovative electricity production in Shimshal Valley

By G. Mussa Shimshali

Hussain Karim, a 34 years old young man experimented an attention-grabbing power generation source for a small hamlet (Farmanabad) of village Shimshal, consist of 20 households by using his own available meager wherewithal. (Very soon snaps will be available on PT).

Hussain Karim is owner of a tractor; the first such machine that arrived in Shimshal by helicopter in 1997. According to the source, he manufactured a turbine with the help of iron sheets commonly used for construction of building roofs. He also utilized different parts of the tractor, winches of saw machines and several other commonly found materials. Hussain has erected the turbine on Shimshal River with the help of a 2.5 inches wide iron pipe normally used for water supply purpose.

The iron pipe has been bridged with both sides of Shimshal River at a tapered point and connected with the tractor engine, with the help of straps commonly used in wheat-threshing machine or spinning water pump etc.

The initial phase of his experiment failed, as the water busted wings of the turbine made of thin iron sheet. Hussain did not loose courage and bought stronger iron sheet from Hunza, using his personal scarce resources, broke it into pieces, welded and remodeled the turbine.  The ensuing experiment sustained the position of turbine to put up with pressure of water and lucratively generated good enough power to lit 2 lights in each 20 household of Farmanabad Shimashal .

His tiny power station is situated on about 1km distance from the hamlet, connected to the hamlet with the help of supply lines placed on wooden pylons. There was however, shortage of supply line wires. For that Hussain temporarily triumphed by joining available pieces of wires.

The new power station was tasted on 18th January, 2010, lit the light in Jamat khana for about 5 hours as a vote of thanks to  almighty Allah by the ingenuous villagers of Farmanabd. After 5 hours of successful test, it was turned off and preparation was started for the inauguration ceremony, which was expected on 20th or 21thJanuary. In this regard 5 animals were scarified by the residents of the village for “Niyaz” as this part of shimshal was deprived of electricity; while, the wrest of shimshal have access to electricity for about six months, said by the source.

It is may be the first power source of its kind, crated with indigenous wisdom, without damming water or constructing costly water channels/ Hanging over the Shimshal River, the power generator is nothing short of a blessing for marginalized part of the community.

It is said that such powers sources are existing in China but in Pakistan, specifically in Gilgit Baltistan, these are not common.

Hussain is expecting improvement in the structure of the power source on a sustainable base because in the summer level of water rises almost by seven times and it will ruin his petite power station. He therefore expects a helping hand, and he said that AKRSP is the source, which can help him in this regard. He believes that AKRSP will help him because AKRSP is the real communal organization and encourages innovative initiatives taken by the poor rural communities.

May be his tiny power station do not work long-lasting but he has at least endeavored to be a mentor for our experts and responsible authorities that how resources can be mobilized and organized?

About Hussain

Hussain is son of Mr. Shagun Baig, a junior staff at the local dispensary. His father bought the first tractor to Shimshal, with the help of a chopper provided by the Pakistan Army. At that time Hussain was studying science at Government Degree College Aliabad Hunza. Hussain quit his studies and became the driver of tractor to give a helping hand to his father.   Hussain is believed to be an expert technician, as he keeps experimenting with his tractor and other machineries available at his home.

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  1. Bravo! Hussain has God gifted ability and he has now proved it. We will anxiously wait for the snaps of this unique and innovative work in Shimshal. May I request philanthropic organizations to please come forward and help boost such activities in our region. We have talent but it needs to be flourished.

  2. Great! this is very interesting and good news. Will you please publish images of Hussain’s work as well as his contact [ a mobile number will do ] so that people can send him SMS which I hope will give him lots of encouragement beside people from other villages can contact him for advice / guidance.

    Please do post Google map images of Farmanabad.

  3. I am really impressed with the story of Hussain. Such talent exists in the region which is needed to explore and expose on local and national media. It is also needed to finance such talents to encourage them for more innovations. It is also a source of inspiration of us to think what we can do to gift for our village, region and country.
    Congratulation Hussain
    Hameed NUML

  4. Innovative indeed.The all time moving and roaring water does say..they have alot of potential for power generation.There is a dire need to utilize resources.Congratulations-inhabitants of the beautifull abode.

  5. We realy proud on u bro.we appricate ur GOD gifted ability.Keep it up.
    proud to be a Shimshali

  6. thanks for sharing updates from upper hunza valley. May Almighty bless hussain with such more innovative ideas .

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