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All Hunza Action Committee briefs media on agitation plan


by Farman Karim Baig

Gilgit, September 12: All Hunza Action Committe (AHAC) has formally unveiled an ambitious and comprehensive plan of peaceful agitation for the resolution of their demands.

AHAC plans to hold peaceful protest demonstrations and rallies throughout Hunza Valley. A long march from Hunza to Gilgit has also been planned. If their demand for additional seat in the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly is not accepted, they plan to boycott the upcoming elections for Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly. In case of failure of the boycott, AHAC has threatened the government with extreme measure, like a civil disobedience movement, the first of its kind in history of the region, if launched.

Allocation of an additional seat in the legislative assembly has been a longstanding demand of the people of Hunza valley, since 1994. A speakers said that successive governments, despite of making promises have failed to address the demand, despite of proportional increase in population of the valley. According to estimates based on the census of 1998, the population of Hunza valley has almost reach the level of seventy thousand people. 

“Only a single seat has been reserved for Hunza in the GBLA, while regions with much lesser population than Hunza have two or more seats”, another speaker commented during the press conference.

Talking about broader issue of Gilgit – Baltistan, the committe also expressed reservations about plans for appointment of a non-local governor in the region.

The agitation plan was unveild by speakers in front of the media at a local hotel here in Gilgit city. Speakers at the press conference -cum – Iftar dinner were leaders H2of AHAC, including Sheikh Abid, Ahsan Advocate,  Aman Ullah Khan, Abuzar Ali, Zahoor Advocate, Noor Mohammad, Sultan Madad and Haider Tai, among others.

According to reports from other parts of the country, including Karachi and Islamabad, corner meetings are being held by the residents of Hunza to hold rallies and demonstrations in favor of the demands put forward by the All Hunza Action Committee.

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  1. this is the good time to togather all hunza peoples fromm khunjreb to khizerabad and demond the addentional seat, witch is our basic right.

  2. Hunza needs such type of committe. so u did it in time thank u n now its ur duty to combine youth from khunjarab top to khizer abad… proudto b shinakian

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