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[Breaking News] "Fighting spirit" of GB legislators!

Both Musa and Akhtar are PPP stalwarts in Gilgit - Baltistan!


PT Report

Gilgit, February 4: An embarrassing situation emerged inside CM Mehdi Shah’s office today, when Muhammad Musa, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister and a veteran PPP leader, attacked Muhammad Ali Akhtar, GB Finance Minister.

According to reports, during a meeting today at Mehdi Shah’s office, Muhammad Musa verbally abused and hit Muhammad Ali Akhtar, when the later asked him to “stay out of governance issues”.

The Issue

According to credible sources the issues under discussion were “surprising” removal of GB Education Secretary, Professor Mehboob Ali Khan, and “disputed” transfer of Dr. Iqbal, an employee of the GB Health Department, from Hunza – Nagar District.

Dr. Ali Madad Sher, GB Education Minister, reportedly, complained to the CM, during the meeting, for not being taken into confidence on sacking of the recently appointed Education Secretary. Taking the topic forward Muhammad Ali Akhtar also, reportedly, criticized transfer of Dr. Iqbal from Hunza – Nagar. The ensuing debate soon heated up and Muhammad Musa and Muhammad Ali Akhtar exchanged fowl words, which led to  a brief scuffle.

The Aftermath

After the physical assault by Muhammad Musa, people present in the office, reportedly, took him outside while keeping Muhammad Ali Akhtar in, to stop them from further physical assaults.

The enraged Muhamamd Ali Akhatar, however, jumped from terrace of the CM’s office, probably to get to Muhammad Musa and avenge the physical assault. After jumping from the terrace, the GB finance minster, reportedly, fell unconscious and was rushed to a nearby hotel immediately. He was later shifted to a hospital where his condition is said to be out of danger. Muhamamd Ali Akhtar is reportedly a cardiac patient.

In the meanwhile, supporters of Muhammad Ali Akhtar, who is an elected representative from LA – 4, Nagar 2, demonstrated against the assault on their leader in the Khazana road locality of Gilgit city.

In view of today’s embarrassing behaviour, the present GB legislators need to learn a lesson or two in civil discourse and negotiations. A few days earlier, two GBLA members used fowl language against each other on floor of the house, while discussing appointments in the GB Peoples’ Works Department (PWD).

Today’s infighting also exposes the mistrust and deep running intolerance among the GBLA members and party leaders.

Talking to media later today, CM Mehdi Shah said that Muhammad Musa has been suspended for violating party discipline and rowdyism .

The decision has been hailed by public circles who have demanded more sanity from the legislators.

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  2. شکایت ہے مجھے یا رب خداوندان مکتب سے
    سبق پھر دیتے ہہں شاہین بچوں کو خاک بازی کا

    اقبال بابا

    Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen — Winston Churchill

  3. this is shamefull act but you have to acsept lake of education and caracter of these members this is our falt to select unqulified peoples these r miror of our gb image
    learn from this for futer this is in the hand of our people how kind reprasintiv they like for ther and there next genration

  4. Shame on the so called and fool elected and non elected so-called leaders of Pakistani imported Party PPP. Dear Readers.
    We all are too much aware that our CM is just like an actor CM of Indian movie .Mr Shah is just enjoying protocol without ant power .He is a fool and he appoint the top fool personality of GB Musa as his advisor. Musa is popular in Islamabad for sending gifts from GB not for the politics. Dr Ali Madad is popular Blackmailer . His past is enough for his introduction.When mr Sher was chairman district council he was popular to blackmail the officials of PWD to allot works for his brothers.
    I am unable to understand that why we are not thing realistic that Islamabad gave us the package just to engage our peoples.Please don’t get these issues series . Our assembly is just like a filmy assembly and the so called members are just like Indian actors.They are performing in the directions of Islamabad and getting salaries against their jobs. Brother and sister just enjoying and make a plan for revolution.



  5. “Wazir-e Khazana M. Ali Akhtar ne C.M Office k balcony se chhalang lagadi, lekin zameen per girnay se pehle he police ahalkarun ne un ko qabu kar liya”

    Daily Muhasib 5th Feb

  6. by the way, Muhammad Musa, recently earned his glorious title of “Haji” and so therefore he expects respect

  7. The way to maturity in democracy is long one and one should expect it overnight. Fights occur even in the assemblies of advanced countries and our is not something unprecedented. There is no need to show antipathy towards this happening. Also those who think that this is shame for GB government, are also showing their immaturity and unfamiliarity with situations like this. Things not always go in normal way and it is but natural that sometime they take turn. So what we need to understand is that we are passing through a learning process and of course we are on the first page of the long chapter and we have accept that we have to pass through different experiences.

  8. Well i think Musa is so senior then CM medi, how he suspended him, it is question mark, Musa did alot for PPP in Gilgit, while Medi dont, so i think it is also unjustics that Medi is CM, while i dont remember any long association of Akhter with PPP, probably he is new comer in the fold.

  9. Need change, revolution, we have to awake if we want change, we have to united we have to create mutual consensus, we have to aware our selves about our history,
    It is time to resist for freedom, demolish the black laws, we are nation so why we are depriving from our basic right, what is our identity , are you thinking these culprits of PPP represent our identity ???? if not then why we are obeying ostrich policy, to whom we are waiting ??? Whenever we ourselves not take any stand no one can come to assist us even God.
    so think deeply ,

  10. Ahmed

    Yes dear Musa did lot for ppp which are as below

    1- Musa supply the cherry for the officials as well as for the peons of Kashmir affairs.
    2. Musa sending china blankets to his pakistani bosses from last twenty years.
    3. Musa sending china crockery to the junior officials in islamabad.
    4 Musa sending fator, gree and lot of other gifts on regular bases to Islamabad.
    5 Musa was sitting in the door steps of Kashmir affairs with shopping bags when he was member.
    Yes dear you are right that Musa did a lot to distroy the national integrity of our nation. in light of you this is seniority.
    These all things are on record

  11. RUBAB

    Thanks for narrating all things of Musa, that i want to hear from people who knew musa, frankly i dont know him well, if he does this it bad, but let i remined you that the current CM also doing the same, he is in some extand bit farward then musa jee, he do many more thigs, so it is the characters of the illetrate members.
    Thanks for the narration you wrote about musa, i now realy heat him

  12. ahmad big
    Brother i am much familiar with the real faces of all of of these foolish and so called leaders of GB.Who are still unaware with the ward leadership.Majority of them are puppets of Non local bureaucracy . These are those who were introduce by establishment. Islamabad never accept the real and genuine competent and honest person as member.They all are clear by the secrete agencies as servants.
    These stupids are not leaders they are just servants of bureaucracy. These are the peoples who providing all legal and illegal facilities to there big bosses from Islamabad. Brother don’t waste yours precious to discuss these foolish and stupids

    Abu Rubab

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