Abusive ‘Tehsildar’ thrashed in Gupis, Ghizar

by Noor Akbar

Ghizar, January 12: Local people in Gupis thrashed a Tehsildar when he used foul words for the community, instead of paying heed to their constant complaints. The Tehsildar got head injuries, according to some reports, but was out of danger.

According to reports received water falling from a tank of roof of the Tehsildar’s residence was causing problems for those passing through the adjacent street. There were complaints about children, women and elders slipping on the ice formed due to severe cold in the street. A local man told this scribe on phone that several complaints had been launched, asking the Tehsildar to keep the passage safe and clean for the public. He, reportedly, did not listen to the complaints.

On Monday some people went to the Tehsildar’s house to request him again for stopping the flow of water, but instead of listening to them he, reportedly, hurled abusive words against the elders and the local community.

The news of this incident spread across the village shortly and a mob got the Tehsildar in his office and thrashed him severely, causing head injuries. After that the mob started protesting against the local administration, demanding immediate removal of the official from Gupis valley. The local people have formed a Jirga to pressurize the deputy commissioner for initiating action against the government official.

The Naukar Shahi in Gilgit – Baltistan has traditionally acted more like colonial masters of the region, rather than as public servants and there have been several incidents of violence triggered by the rogue, insensitive and humiliating language used for the, otherwise, peaceful people.

Some people, however, have said that violence is not a solution in such cases. “The problem could have been handled in a more peaceful manner”, another local person told this scribe.  

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  1. in any form a violence can’t be accepted as the solution to any problem but such stupid people should be given a lesson once so that they be aware of the mob power as well.
    generally speaking the people in Gupis are more obediently (rather i should say feared, with pardon, of these administration particularly of the police) and it is really new event for Gupis tehsil that people have gone to this limit. this is good for them and for us of course.

  2. Generally,the peoiple of Gupis are very submissiuve to the Bureaucracy. The Tehsildar must have crossed all the limits of misbahvior that brought this to him. The bureaucracy must mend their behavior. They are public servant and not rulers. Time of Monarchs ruling over subjects has long gone. Now it is democratic era in which elected representatives administer/run the area and not rule. they are being paid and maintained by the tax payers money. People are now more aware about their rights. Hence, bureaucracy should be very careful while dealing with the popular sovereign.

  3. I believe that that nonsense guy must have exceeded the limits extraordinary, the reason he faced such reation, it,s really important that such idiot thoughts must be taught a good lesson without voilance.

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