Hundreds of volunteers taking part in search and rescue operations

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Hunza, January 4: Hundreds of members of the Ismaili Volunteer Corps, trained search and rescue experts of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, Boys Scouts and local people are working to save lives and dig out people who could be trapped in debris of the landslide at Attabad.

Speaker of GBLA, Wazir Baig, who is also the elected representative of Hunza valley, and technocrat member of GBLA, Mutabiat Shah, have reached Aliabad Hunza to take part in the search and rescue operations.

While the government was quick to impose emergency in the region, its resources remain out of action. The major hope of NDMA, as far as search and rescue is concerned, seems to be the land excavators being used by a Chinese company working in the region.

A lot of anger and resentment is visible in Hunza. Due to unavailability of alternate living space the people of Attabad could not leave their village, despite of knowing about the grave threat posed by the cracks that had appeared in the mountains over two years ago.

The government and NGOs were unable to offer dignified, alternative, living space to the residents. Many of the displaced families lived in tents for month, before being shifted to a government school building a few months back. Tens of families are living with their relatives in Karimabad, Ahmedabad and other villages of the valley.

The loss of so many lives is being seen as a result of the collective negligence and ineptness of the government, NGOs and the local communities.

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  1. it is a very big tragedy for the people of hunza that many families of attabad hunza passed away due to land sliding in attabad hunza. and many homes and institutions destoried.

  2. This is no doubt a great tragedy and horrifying day for this part of peaceful land ( Hunza Valley ), the efforts put by locals and from different communities is also encouraging, we can only say and pray for the lives which are lost and condolto all those families whcih are effected.
    There may be so many other places aorund Hunza whic we are not aware of may face such an incident, we need to be more careful and find way save as many lives as we can.

  3. This is a real tragedy and a moment of turbulence for the people of Hunza in general but for the residants of Attabad in particulary. It is a huge loss of precious lives and property including a place of prayers and community centre. Our sympathy is with the bereaved families and the local inhabitants and we expect from the government, the local administration, the rescue and support organizations, the community institutions, the native volunteer organizations and the people of Hunza to come forward and play their due role to provide support for the relief of the affeties. In this regard the role of media becomes very impotant we hope that as ever the media will play its role in projecting the real and humanistic aspect of the disaster. God helps those who help themselves!

  4. It is a very bad thing that happens to Attaabad. We are with our Attaaabdian brothers & sisters in this time of tragedy.
    We strongly condmn the Wazir Baig’s inability to mobilize the goverment machinery.

  5. This is the biggest and the most painful tragedy for the people of hunza in History.
    WE Condom the whole govt not only the Wazir Baig……………

  6. A tragedy and a time of mourn for the people of Hunza, in general, and for the residents of Attabad -Bala and Payeen in particular. The huge loss of precious lives and property including the Jamaa`at Khana– a space for worship and community centre. I offer my heartiest condolence to the bereaved families and the residents of the damaged village.


    The loss of these so many lives is the result of our collective negligence, lack of will to take timely decisions, ineptness and unpreparedness of the government, CSOs, NGOs and the leaders of the local community. we hope that the state machinery of the Federal and the Gilgit-Baltistan governments, the local administration, the community institutions and the people of Hunza to come forward and offer their due support for the relief of the affecties. The people of Hunza along the people of Gilgit-Baltistan are very brave the can stand by their brothers and sisters of Ataabad in this time of need.

    We appreciate the efforts of the chief minister,Mehdi Shah, of G&B , the speaker of GBLA, Wazir Baig, who is also the elected representative of Hunza valley, and of Mutabiat Shah, technocrat member of GBLA from Hunza, for their efforts in this regard.

  7. as i am also a hunzukts so i am also shocked due the incident which happened the people of attaabad were saying that this will happen any time then why havent government took action on this.just like the ngo and community tanzeems are helping the people the government should also help the the is the inability of the government.if the government havent took action on this incident and havent gave shelter to the needy ones we should strike on pindi roads.

  8. its da most devastating incident ever happened in our beauty of hunza. we r very sorry for da people of the area specially those who lost their near ones. it was realy very painful. may Allah recover us very soon. ameen

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