Legislating in G-B: Corporation status for tourism, mineral sector

GILGIT: The Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) assembly is set to legislate on tourism and mineral deposits as the G-B Council has finalised its recommendations for awarding both the sectors the status of corporations, sources said on Wednesday.

An electricity board will be instituted for the power sector, sources added. “The managing committee of the G-B Council has discussed and prepared its recommendations. The laws will be incorporated soon,” said a provincial government official. “Various laws dealing with minerals and tourism in other provinces are being studied by authorities in G-B, with an aim to replicate successful models in the region,” he said, adding the bills are expected to be passed from the assembly easily, as legislators do not have specialised knowledge on the subjects.

The legislation is expected to increase revenue collection through institution of rules and regulations for tourists, individuals and corporations visiting, or investing in, the region. The laws in place in Balochistan could be extended to G-B, suggested a member of the G-B Council Mohammad Ibrahim. With their implementation, the region is expected to make much progress in development, he added.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 3rd, 2011.


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  1. Prime initiative toward the adequateness’s of these two sectors will eventually lead the whole area to a well slot for foreigners ,who come to visit the regions for minerals mining etc, parallel sector tourism also get incentive from it, regarding hotel reservations locals tour guiding, trophy hunter etc, but i am still confused that what was the administration doing till today ,knowing about the rich mineral deposits ,tourist havens ,and the immense giving mountains and glaciers .it should be noted early so as to act upon it right today .

  2. Legislation on tourism and minerals falls under the ambit of GB Council and not the GB Legislative Assembly.
    No proposal for forming tourism corporation has, atleast been forwarded by the Tourism Department. And any such venture without studying the fate of public sector tourism corporations within Pakistan is not recommended.
    Thirdly, we do not believe that any piece of suggestion is easy to legislate since the legislature are not competent to deal with specific issues. Legislature represent the collective wisdom of the populace and theupir mandate, thus should be respected by all.

  3. This is not appropriate time for the formation of a CORPORATION for the mineral sector in G-B in view of the fact that it does not have any saleable/bankable geo-technical data on the basis of which either a profitable venture could be initiated on a corporate scale or a joint venture with other public/private entrepreneurs could be formed. Need of the time is that it is obligatory on the Govt. of GB to implement the National Mineral Policy in letter and spirit which has all the requisite provisions for development of mineral sector. Had this policy been implemented in GB at the right time as has done by other provinces of country, the scenario of mineral sector in GB would have changed to the extent that by now it would have a global recognition as a leading mining province of the country. May Almighty Allah save the GB from the clutches of the “BUREAUCRATS” of Pakistan further more who did not do it and are merely concerned to their vested interests instead of any developments in this mineral rich and backward region of the country.

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