GB graduates condemn nepotism and corruption in public and NGO sector

Abbas Wafa and Noor Akbar

Gilgit, March 13: An important meeting of Gilgit-Baltistan Graduates Association (GBGA) was held in a local Hotel here in Gilgit city. The meeting was attended by a number of unemployed graduates from all districts of GB.

The participants included Shakir Hussain(Gilgit),Ijalal Hussain (Gilgit) Abbas Ali (Gilgit),Khalid Hussain (Gilgit) , Noor Akbar (Ghizar), Farman Baigh (Ghizar), Shani (Astor ), Shafqat (Astor), Shahid Husain (Baltistan) ,Ghullam udin (Hunza Nagar) and others.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the recruitment in different public and private sector institutions in Gilgit-Baltistan.

The participants of the meeting expressed their dissatisfaction and concern over the current state of recruitment procedure by both government and private sector institutions in GB.

According to the participants, nepotism, corruption, bribery, use of religious and political card in public and NGO sector recruitments in GB are a rule than an exception. Merit is utterly neglected in both sectors which renders the deserving educated unemployed youth with disappointment in the system.

The participants criticized internally adjusted recruitments in different departments including CM Secretariat without any advertisement. They also criticized the adjustments in different departments including department of Minerals and Industries without giving any preference to those having degree in the relevant field. They termed it an injustice with deserving candidates and demanded of the government to recruit those with relevant degrees else they would knock the doors of courts for stay order.

The recent Benazir Income Support Program recruitments also came under discussion. The government was blamed for recruiting incompetent people in different slots of BISP and neglecting the merit.

Concern was also expressed over recruitment of non local people in different posts of bureaucracy in GB.They condemned and termed it as a means to inculcate a sense of deprivation in the unemployed educated youth of GB.They demanded the government and Chief Secretary to put an end to quota for non local people in government posts.

The participants demanded of the government to put an end to deputation system ,abolish the internally adjusted recruitments and advertise all cabinet approved 2400 governments posts and follow fair and transparent recruitment methods else the GBGA will be compelled to come on road and protest for their rights.

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