Asking for divine intervention

The sacrificial animal

A sacrificial animal was slaughtered near the Shishkat – Gulmit bridge this morning by members of the Shogun Putuk tribe of Gulmit to invoke divine intervention for resolving the issues being faced by the landslide triggered lake buildup.

It is traditional for the region’s people to sacrifice animals or other property in times of natural disasters.

Similar rites have also been performed at the landslide hit Attabad village and the lake barrier.

Photos by Akram Bari

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One Comment

  1. Here I would like to appreciate all the efforts, struggle, rising voice, and paying the worlds attention towards the balking situation of Hunza espacially Upper Hunza Gojal (UPG). That has been done and is still in a great progress by our students, elders, professionals and the people concerned with the voice of our world called media.
    We all espouse all the positive efforts of our government and really hope for more activities.

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