Elders of Gojal protest against the government for not fulfilling promises

Press Release 

GULMIT: A protest demonstration and sit it was held at Tehsil Headquarter of Gojal Valley today. The protesters, including elders of Ghulkin and Gulmit, staged a sit-in in front of the Tehsil office. A large number of youth had also gathered to support the protest.

The protesters expressed anger against the government for ignoring the people of Gojal Valley.

A resolution was presented to the Tehsil Magistrate. Some of the points raised in the resolution were;

  • Watan Card distribution in Gojal

The administration has rejected the watan Card list of Gojal region which include 750 hhs .

This list was submitted in the Tehsil office on 1st march and the last date for its submission was 31st march but the Administration has rejected the list giving the reason of not submitting the list in due date therefore we demand to forward this list and need some more time to add those who are not included in the Watan Card list.

  • Problem of Electricity since January 2011

 The people of Gojal are having the issue of load shading since January the load shading period has increased to 85 hours.

Therefore we demand from the Govt to solve the issue of Electricity in Gojal. 

  • Education Fund payments to Students

 We demand from the Govt to pay the fee of student without any delay

  • We demand the administration to distribute the remaining relief items stored in Sust Dry Port
  • We Demand to resolve the issues of the remaining businessmen in the Business Revitalization Fund.
  • The Issues of Health Facilities must be resolved by providing us with Medical Officer, Medicines and Other Basic Necessities of hospital.
  • The problems of IDPs must be resolved without any delay.
  • Payment must be made to the affected owners of land under the KKH extension Project.
  •  As per promise to down the water level by 100 ft on 11th may the Govt must force FWO to work quickly on the Spillway to accomplish the task.

On time

  • It was finally decided in this meeting and the local administration was informed about the strike which was called on 22nd April 2011.
  • The Deadline for the Implementation on this resolution is 15th May if the government did not implemented on this resolution the public will again call for a strike after the deadline.

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